iPhone 7 Plus dual lenses mockup

KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo is adamant that Apple is working on a premium edition of an ‘iPhone 7 Plus’ that will come outfitted with dual-lens cameras for telephoto functions and today DigiTimes is reporting that Apple is already testing dual lenses for the handset sourced from three different suppliers.

The hit-and-miss Taiwanese trade publication has it on good authority, citing sources from the upstream supply chain, that Apple supplier Largan Technology and two unnamed Japan and China-based vendors have shipped dual-lens camera samples to 1 Infinite Loop, Cupertino, California, for testing.

“Since Largan currently supplies over 60 percent of Apple’s smartphone cameras, some market watchers believe Apple is likely to seek dual-lens camera products from other makers to lower risks,” reads the report.

The publication reminds us that some handset vendors like China-based Lenovo, ZTE and Qiku have already adopted dual-lens cameras in their phones.

A dual-lens camera should help differentiate a rumored premium edition of the iPhone 7 Plus from the iPhone 7 and the “normal” iPhone 7 version, wrote KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo in a note to clients last week. The second lens should provide telephoto functions so the next iPhone should have a 2-3X optical zoom, a first for the iPhone.

The next iPhone’s dual-lens camera technology should be realized through technology Apple obtained from last year’s acquisition of Israeli camera technology company LinX Imaging, the analyst wrote.

Source: DigiTimes

  • tariq

    Yeah, b/c one camera sticking out wasn’t ugly enough

    • Tarek Al Shawi

      I know right

    • techfreak23

      That’s what this tech is supposed to fix.

      • tariq

        In the picture, the cameras look like they are still out.. And choosing between 2 flat or 1 sticking out does not sound fun

      • techfreak23

        The render they used for this post is crap. The one on MacRumors is a little closer to what a dual lens setup would look like.

  • Joonyaboy

    Finally a rumor I care about. A second lens that is zoomed in would be great

  • iPhoneWINS

    lol… when apple designers get bored as hell and can no logged ovate they art adding more things like cameras speakers.. hell maybe soon we will have 2 screens

    • Fanboy 

      You clearly must be a child in middle school, you’re probably not even old enough to drink lol. Having 2 cameras has an actual purpose, but I’ll just leave it at that until Apple actually announces the iPhone. Do some research first

      • Mike

        I don’t see the need for a second camera. The only thing I see a second camera doing is giving you the ability to focus close and far without loosing detail.

  • jgethro

    You guys over at Apple should be ashamed yourselves

  • Tarek Al Shawi

    Imfao double lenses , if this is true then I’m so glad i didn’t wait for the 7 and picked up the 6s , damn

  • As ugly as the image of this post looks, if two lenses improved image quality it wouldn’t bother me.

  • Tiago Peruchin

    Introducing the new iPhone 7 Plus Duo…