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The Spigen Style Ring ($12.99 on Amazon) is an interesting accessory from Spigen, a company best known for producing smartphone cases. It’s a platform-agnostic accessory that attaches to any case or smartphone using an easily-removable, non-residue-leaving, adhesive gel pad.

Once the Style Ring is attached to your case or smartphone, you can use it to assist with grip or let it function as a kickstand. You can also use the Style Ring to mount your smartphone to your car’s dash using the included car mount adapter.

If you have problems gripping larger phones, then have a look and see what the Spigen Style Ring might do for you. Watch our video review for all the details.

Spigen sent over a few Style Rings in a variety of colors, but I quickly locked on to the rose gold version, as it matches my rose gold iPhone 6s almost perfectly.

First of all, lets just say that the Spigen Style Ring isn’t for everyone. Minimalists will obviously dismiss the product before even giving it a chance, and users that aren’t fond of cases will be less likely to adopt such an accessory. But for those of you who are more open-minded, you might be pleasantly surprised by what you find.

Spigen Style Ring 2

Instead of attaching the Style Ring directly to my iPhone, I chickened out and opted to stick it to the back of my Spigen Ultra Hybrid Tech case instead. Attaching the Style Ring was a piece of cake. Simply remove the backing sticker from the adhesive pad, and place the ring in the desired location. It helps to try to smooth out the air bubbles to ensure a solid contact, but that’s pretty much the extent of the installation.

As Spigen claims, using the Style Ring does ensure a more secure grip on your iPhone, as you have another point of contact with the device, and that point of contact functions as a literal ring for your finger. In other words, the Style Ring significantly decreases the likelihood that you’ll drop your iPhone if used properly.

Spigen Style Ring 3

That said, I’m a minimalist, and even though its color matched my iPhone 6s rose gold sheen to a tee, I’m not crazy about the idea of anything protruding from the rear of my phone. If you can get over the mental anguish of having the Style Ring always attached, then you’ll see the benefits of having such a setup, especially on larger devices like the iPhone 6s Plus.

Spigen Style Ring Clip 5

As a bonus, the Style Ring also functions sufficiently as a kickstand for your iPhone, and the car mount provides a good way to mount your device when using its GPS or media playing functionality while driving.

The Spigen Style Ring is a versatile little accessory, but it definitely takes an attitude and a mindset that deviates from the status quo. To be honest, I don’t think I’m quite there yet, but after testing it out, it’s easy to see how such an accessory can be helpful.

You can purchase the Spigen Style ring in a variety of colors for $12.99 on Amazon.

  • I got this thing in the mail and my first thought was “well, this is kinda dumb.”

    But I tried it on to see how it felt and it started making sense as an accessory. It makes holding the phone much easier, and you can also use the ring as a kickstand.

    It’s definitely not something I will use on a daily basis, but rather use from time to time (i.e.. when traveling and such)

    • Merman123

      So it’s something you can put on and take off multiple times? It looks like tape is how it sticks.

      • Yes you can pull it out and stick it back on. Run the adhesive part under water every once in a while if it gets a little dirty of just stop sticking.

    • Jerry

      This has been around for a very long time tho?

      • right, but I’m not sure how that’s relevant. I didn’t claim this was a brand new accessory we have never seen before 🙂

  • Andrieux Querido

    So, what if you are walking in the streets and someone try to steal it and run with it and so your finger. LOL

    • avd98

      That would actually be pretty funny

  • Ivan Wan

    haha, 12.99 USD?? In Malaysia was selling MYR 5.99! And this product has been in Malaysia since early 2015.

  • John Tremendol

    I’ve been using something like this for a year now. We call it the Bunker Ring here

  • avd98

    I’m sorry but still is pretty expensive for an acessory like this, maybe U$4.99 would be a good deal. The only reason it costs U$12 its beacause it is from Spigen.

    • Shinonuke

      The only reason why iPhone cost $650 is because it’s an iPhone.

    • Mike Colacone Saal

      Its $1 on their site with the purchase or qualifying cases 🙂

  • What dumb product! Try using iPhone with your finger in the ring, it would be even worse on larger iPhone (6 plus). And typing with both hands don’t even think about it…

  • Rook HD

    perfect example of throwing everything at the wall to see what would stick…