While the world becomes increasingly connected in the digital age, most of us are still beholden to sluggish, slow-drip device chargers and restrictive wall outlets. Thankfully, fast-charging power on the go is becoming increasingly affordable and efficient, as evidenced in the LithiumCard Wallet Battery, now just $29.99.

LithiumCard looks like an unassuming, standard charger, but it packs some serious hypercharge power. It works much like a wall charger, restoring your battery at a rate of 1% of its charging capacity per minute. The 1200mAh battery pack is small, durable and lightweight, no wider than 5 credit cards stacked on top of one another, so you’ll likely be able to fit it in your wallet or pocket.

  • Keep your iOS devices charged w/ the built-in Lightning connector
  • Enjoy the premium design crafted from durable aluminum
  • Charge your device quickly at up to 1% of battery life per minute
  • Add charging power capacity to your device
  • Simultaneously charge your device & LithiumCard w/ 2 flip-out charging cables
  • Carry it everywhere: fits into almost any wallet
  • Stick to your device w/ the NanoStik pad as an alternative to storing in your wallet

Also available with a micro USB cord!

Get your own LithiumCard Wallet Battery today at 66% off.

  • Yujin

    Seems too small to fully charge most smart phones today….maybe if you have an iPhone 4 but is about 40% of the battery of an iPhone 6 plus.

    • I have one of these. The goal is not too fully charge your iPhone. The goal is to be as small as possible while providing more battery to get you through the day

  • gqukyo

    These are worthless. I funded it through indiegogo and like many, found out it falls short of the promises they made. Efficiency is at 75% according to them but it couldn’t even charge my crackberry Z10 up 20% and that’s a small battery. Also it completely stopped working after a few months. It’s not even worth $30. Even at $10, there are much higher capacity options for that amount. One of the worst things I helped kickstart. Do stay away from this company and their products.