While the world becomes increasingly connected in the digital age, most of us are still beholden to sluggish, slow-drip device chargers and restrictive wall outlets. Thankfully, fast-charging power on the go is becoming increasingly affordable and efficient, as evidenced in the LithiumCard Wallet Battery, now just $29.99.

LithiumCard looks like an unassuming, standard charger, but it packs some serious hypercharge power. It works much like a wall charger, restoring your battery at a rate of 1% of its charging capacity per minute. The 1200mAh battery pack is small, durable and lightweight, no wider than 5 credit cards stacked on top of one another, so you’ll likely be able to fit it in your wallet or pocket.

  • Keep your iOS devices charged w/ the built-in Lightning connector
  • Enjoy the premium design crafted from durable aluminum
  • Charge your device quickly at up to 1% of battery life per minute
  • Add charging power capacity to your device
  • Simultaneously charge your device & LithiumCard w/ 2 flip-out charging cables
  • Carry it everywhere: fits into almost any wallet
  • Stick to your device w/ the NanoStik pad as an alternative to storing in your wallet

Also available with a micro USB cord!

Get your own LithiumCard Wallet Battery today at 66% off.