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Apple is losing long-time veteran and VP of Product Design Steve Zadesky, reports The Wall Street Journal. Zadesky has been with the company for 16 years, where he worked on the iPhone and iPod, and most recently spearheaded its ambitious automobile efforts.

According to the Journal, in 2014, Apple gave Zadesky permission to start investigating possibilities for its entry into the electric car market. A source familiar with the matter indicated he is leaving due to personal reasons, and not for issues related to ‘Project Titan.’

There have been issues though. “The team has encountered problems,” sources told the Journal, “in laying out clear goals for the project. Apple has urged it to push ahead with ambitious deadlines even though some on the team felt that those targets weren’t attainable.”

Apple hasn’t publicly confirmed that it’s working on an electric car, but it’s common knowledge in Silicon Valley. It’s been called the “worst kept secret in tech.” The company is believed to have a team of some of the industry’s best engineers working to ship a car by 2019.

Source: The Wall Street Journal

  • GTA 5

    for now the 700 hp tesla would do if apple were to make a car it should be a good competitor to the tesla

    • burge

      Would it not be better if it was more affordable for the average user ? Putting a very high price on it would reduce sales. The tesla is a very nice car with a very nice price bracket. The Nissan Leaf is a naff looking car but it’s more affordable then the tesla to the every day man.

      Saying that I know what I rather have.

      • GTA 5

        If i ever buy an electric vehicle it will be fast as a tesla look sharp as a tesla if apple gets that down i am on board. I currently also got a 2007 S6 V10 🙂 so i like the electric vehicle to remind me it is not electric!

      • Carl

        Audi Blows

      • GTA 5

        Hey Carl what do you mean Jeremy Clarkson is a baboon sometimes you know. Lol I still like him though he’s all right reviewing cars Richard Hammond and captain slow are great in their own league. But my point is pretty clear the electric car better have some balls.

      • Chris Wagers

        I’m not sure apple will make a car for the average user. Just like all their other products I think it’ll be a premium product for peope that can pay a premium price. Just my opinion anyway.

      • GTA 5

        You’re absolutely right Chris. If Apple does release a car it won’t be a cheap android phone they will carry the luxury brand. Apple is a brand after all and they pride in making products as luxurious and just freaking nice! I like the iPhone just today i realized it never failed on me ever since i bought it. It does what i want when i want it i paid $1000 dollars so if you would pay that much for a product you expect performance. I expect Apple to deliver a great products because they’re waiting and perfecting the technology so they can make it available to the masses at a reasonable price. Tesla is just ahead of the game. I personally love the automated driving. I can’t wait for it to just come get me from the bar let me hop i the passenger seat and take me home without worrying about endangering someone. You can’t even have a beer if the NHTSA gets it way lowering the BAC from .08 to .05!

      • John


  • Bugs Bunnay

    Ambitious deadlines are in every company.

  • therealjjohnson

    Wouldn’t buy a car by Apple. I’ll stick to the Big 3. I’m for Detroit so I clearly have a bias. That being said…id rather trust my life to people who are known for making cars.


    I wonder where the car will be assembled.