Siri is a great way to get to the things you want on your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad without having to tap on anything – it works great for situations where you don’t really have your hands free, but who says using Siri has to be boring?

In this quick post, we’ll show you how you can spice up your conversations with Siri by configuring the voice assistant to call you something different.

What does Siri call me by default?

Siri defaults to calling you by your first name as you have in your Contacts app on your iOS device. You can always change your first name to anything you want in the Contacts app to change what Siri will call you, but that involves goofing up your contact information.

Fortunately, there’s a better way to do it – you can actually create a nickname for yourself, and Siri will start calling you the nickname instead.

How to configure Siri to call you something new

So you’ve had enough of Siri using your name – she’s wearing it out – and now you want her to call you something new? You’ve come to the right place.

To do this, follow these easy steps:

Step 1: Launch Siri, then ask “Who am I?”


Step 2: Siri will tell you what you’re currently set to be called. If you’re unhappy with it, continue to the next step.

Step 3: Tap on the microphone button at the bottom of the interface and say, “Call me [insert anything here].”


Step 4: For our example, we said “Call me master,” and now Siri asks if we want to be called what we just said to be called. Say “Yes” or tap on the “Yes” button.

Step 5: Once saved, tap on the microphone button once again and ask once again, “Who am I?”


Step 6: Siri will tell you what your full name is, but will then regard you as whatever you asked to be called. If she does, congratulations! You’ve successfully changed what Siri will call you.

How will this affect me?

Whenever you’re having a conversation with Siri and she needs to address you as who you are, she will now call you by the nickname that you’ve asked to be called rather than your real name.

You’ll notice that the nickname you ask to be called appears in quotes underneath your full name in your Contacts app; this is the “Nickname” field, and you can always change this manually by typing in anything you want and Siri will call you that instead.


This is just a fun way to spice up the conversations between you and Siri, so if you’re an avid Siri user, give yourself a nickname and have a little fun with it.

If you found this tutorial helpful, leave us a comment below!

  • Joshua The-Legend Wiebe

    50 Shades of Siri

  • fiiiiine

    Now everyone go watch Brainscan, the movie that invented Siri with its “Igor”, who, by the way, called the main character “Master”.

    • Morgan Freeman

      One of my all time favorite movies!

      • fiiiiine

        Then get Hollywood to make a sequel and you can be the new Trickster!

      • Morgan Freeman

        Negative. The movie was great as it was. Absolutely NO reason for a sequel, remake, or anything else of that nature. As a matter of fact, the way I see it, ‘hollywood’ and TV have done just about all that there is to do…multiple times. We as a species need to move on already. Think of it this way- I produce an object that all people need or want. It is perfect and will last forever. Once everyone has one, my job is done. There is no need for me to produce the object any longer. So I move on to something else. This is not what hollywood does. They produce some good things, but a lot of sub-par crap… over and over again. Same with nearly every single company on the planet that produces physical objects… crap that you have to keep buying. It’s a sad sad world we live in, and things have got to change.

      • fiiiiine

        Someone already produced your name. Move on 🙂

      • Morgan Freeman

        You are right, to an extent. On a much longer time line maybe our existence is just now reaching the end point, maybe it’s still got a ways to go. No way to tell really. But eventually, I think “all good things come to an end”, as they say. Maybe I’ll be recycled back into this prison planet, and maybe not. Who knows.

      • the hood


      • the hood

        In your example you state you produce an object that is perfect. Unfortunately perfection does not exist, we can only continue to improve on this so-called perfection. I think apple has a similar slogan or some such crap emblazoned at the entrance of their head office.

      • Morgan Freeman

        True, but my point is still relevant. Planned obsolescence is a load of BS.

    • Alexandre Isurugi

      invented Siri? The concept of a digital assistant was already present in Star Trek in the 60s, and probably even before that in sci-fi books and movies.

      • fiiiiine

        Yeah but did it have a name and sound like a person and dial people on the phone?

      • Alexandre Isurugi

        Yes. Episode “The conscience of the king” for example, Kirk asks the computer some info and the computer responds verbally.

        KIRK: History files. Subject, former Governor Kodos of Tarsus Four, also known as Kodos the Executioner. After that, background on actor Anton Karidian.
        COMPUTER: Working. Kodos the Executioner, summary. Governor of Tarsus Four twenty Earth years ago. Invoked martial law. Slaughtered fifty percent of population Earth colony, that planet. Burned body found when Earth forces arrived. No positive identification. Case closed. Detailed information follows. On stardate 2794.7,
        KIRK: Stop. Information on Anton Karidian.
        COMPUTER: Director and star of travelling company of actors sponsored by galactic cultural exchange project, touring official installations last nine years. Has daughter, Lenore, nineteen years old,
        KIRK: Stop. Give comparative identification between actor Karidian and Governor Kodos.
        COMPUTER: No identification records available on actor Anton Karidian.
        KIRK: Give information on actor Karidian prior to Kodos’ death.
        COMPUTER: No information available, Anton Karidian, prior to twenty years ago
        KIRK: Photograph Kodos. (an image of a red-haired man with a beard comes on the monitor) Photograph Karidian. (the grey-haired man with a small moustache) Now photograph both.

      • fiiiiine

        I don’t see where Kirk addresses the computer by a name or asks it to call someone 🙂

      • Alexandre Isurugi

        Doesn’t mean it can’t call someone 🙂 besides the same OS/AI runs everything on the ship, including the comm system 😉

        As for the name, I guess “computer” is as much a name as “Siri”

        You have to admit though, these ideas have existed in scifi for a very long time and Siri is just a natural evolution of fiction to fact 🙂

  • Dale

    Did all this then it said after I re asked her what my name is. “your name is Dale but since we’re friends I get to call you. My nick name. cute & works..

  • leart

    just managed to downgrade a device to ios 1 😀 almost a empty ios at least on a iPod touch …

    • burge

      the 1st gen iPod never got iOS at the start it was call something else. ( can not find the name ) the first gen iPhone OS was described as a variant of OS X later changed to iPhone OS. It was only called iOS with the launch of the iPad on iOS 3.2..

      Don’t mean to correct you just informing you on iOS history.

      And yes that OS had nothing on it. Apple was convinced at the time that Web apps was way forward. It wasn’t till iPhone OS 2 and the App Store that things really started to take off for the iPhone.
      And also according to Apple the best iPhone since the original iPhone the iPhone 3G if you can remember that advent.

      • (JailbreakQA) King Shoot

        It was called iOS with the release of iOS 4 beta in June, when Scott Forestall said so on the keynote.

    • Rares

      Teach me master, please. How did you downgrade it? I too have a first gen ipod but it sadly is on 3.1.3.

      • burge

        Download the ipsw that you want to use. There is a download page on this site. Hold shift click restore on a PC.

        Use YouTube and search downgrade iOS. There is lots of clips and the process is the same for all the downgradeds.

      • Rares

        Don t you think I already tried that? I ve heard that there are no shsh for this but I still get errors on itunes to downgrade.

      • leart

        apple has closed the activation servers for 2g… till 2013 it was possible like that, now it is not 🙂

      • leart

        yeah no shsh for ipod 1 and iphone 1/2 but still activation from apple is needed 🙂

      • leart

        it will not work , no way is that simple 😀
        that was the way in 2013 and earlier for 2g devices

  • :D

    Enough of your name from Siri?
    Don’t we mostly hear our name being said by real people lol?

  • burge

    This was a iOS 5 trick when Siri was new.

  • Welcome to IDB

    • Anthony Bouchard

      Thank you 🙂

  • Loke1988

    I have tried to get Siri to call me Loke for over a year. Best she can do is Bloke so I live with it.

    • Tim smith

      You know when u say call me (whatever), it will ask you to confirm. However, you can scroll up to your previous dialogue and (whatever u said) should have blue dots underlining it. You can click on this and manually type in”Loke”. She will then call u Loke.

      • Loke1988

        You are the man! I feel ashamed not knowing that one considering I had the original app Siri which Apple auto deleted when they launched the phone she was born onto whichever that was. Anyway thanks a bunch!!

  • Morgan Freeman

    Ask her to call you Siri. LOL… she says “This is going to be extremely confusing.”

  • James Branham

    Siri now calls me “El Geevso the flatulent”! That was fun!

  • J™

    No matter how hard I try Siri just won’t get intimate with me

  • burge

    Not on the iPod 1st gen it wasn’t. That came out before the first iPhone so it wasn’t iPhone OS. that came about with the first iPhone.

  • MinkShoals

    Careful with this. She will update your contact card with your chosen nickname. You may find yourself in an embarrassing situation if you get too creative.

  • Glarus

    Also fun, rename somebody else’s phone when they are away. I did that to my wife, had it call her Bi$%^. Forgot all about it until months later. Driving home she asked a question and got “Bi$%^, I’m afraid I don’t know the answer to that”…

  • leart

    haha, okay if you say so 🙂

  • leart

    the question is HOW?