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Apple on Thursday shared a new video advertisement for the Apple TV on its YouTube page. Aptly named “The Future of TV is Apps,” the spot highlights a number of popular games and applications that are available through the tvOS App Store.

Titles mentioned include WatchESPN, Asphalt 8, and HBO Now, and instead of showing them in action in a normal Apple TV interface, the ad illustrates them using 3D animations. It’s a bit hard to explain, so you should probably just watch it.

What’d you think of the ad?

  • N&LH

    Nice ad

  • Jason B

    Cool ad, but useless without a subscription service. I got frustrated with my Apple TV experience as a cord cutter, and took it back. I’m not quite ready to pay for Hulu yet when I have an OTA antenna and SageTV for that stuff…once I’m able to get just a handful of the cable channels I like, at a reasonable price, I’d consider buying one again.

  • Sailor_V90

    Unrelated Question:

    But is the iTunes Store down? Because I’m trying to update my phone and download music from the store but it’s downloading usually slow; its reading 40+ minutes to download a 13mb song before saying “interrupted”, and it’s not my Wi-Fi or computer cause Safari and Netflix are working just fine…any ideas?

    • Charles222

      It was doing strange things for me last night/this morning.

      • Sailor_V90

        -Sighs- Ever since I updated to El Captain and iOS 9 my Wi-Fi connection has been rather unreliable…Wish I could downgrade…

  • Jon20

    Now this is a cool Apple commercial!!! This is how they need to advertise their products.