Apple releases OS X 10.11.3 El Capitan update

By , Jan 19, 2016

OS X 10.11.3 Mac App Store updated prompt

After spending more than a month in testing, Apple on Tuesday released the third major software update to OS X 10.11 El Capitan, its latest and greatest desktop operating system that was released for public consumption in October 2015.

Available through the Mac App Store’s Updates tab, OS X 10.11.3 El Capitan update is now available for download on any Mac running a prior El Capitan version and is primarily a bug-fix release.

The new software is being deployed throughout Mac App Stores around the world so wait a little if you don’t see it yet as these things take time to propagate.

The OS X El Capitan 10.11.3 software update improves the stability, compatibility and security of your Mac and is recommended to all El Capitan users. The changelog accompanying the download makes no mention of new features, but we’ll be making sure to update the post if we encounter them.

Five days ago, Apple seeded its registered developers with the first beta of the forthcoming OS X 10.11.4 software update with under-the-hood improvements.

Apple also today released the iOS 9.2.1 software update for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad with bug fixes and stability updates ahead of a feature-packed iOS 9.3 release, which should be due in March.

iOS 9.3 packs in the new Night Shift mode, the Notes app protection with Touch ID, multi-user support on iPads for classroom environments and several other enhancements, major improvements and new features.

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  • Mr_Coldharbour

    Can someone PLEASE confirm if this fixes the issue where Wi-Fi will randomly turn ON upon reboot/restart/startup? This happens about 5/10 times. Mid-2015 15inch MacBook Pro. Anyone please confirm.

    • Alex-V

      only use wifi..on my mackintosh laptop..only can say hat it does not turn off…btw..why you don’t use wifi..for battery saving..?

      • Mr_Coldharbour

        You clearly did not understand what I said. I’m saying that the wifi on my MacBook Pro is automatically turning ON each time I start or reboot.

      • MitchM

        You are mostly part of the minority when you say you leave the Wifi OFF when you shutdown. To ask if that has been fixed you will have to see for yourself.

      • Mr_Coldharbour

        I obviously turn off the wifi / airport on my Mac when I shutdown and I’m sure I’m not alone in this. My issue is why does wifi / airport automatically turn on almost every time I startup or reboot my Mac? I look at the statusbar in my login screen and there I see the wifi searching and scanning for networks. Clearly a bug, not a feature. Why does it assume that as soon as its booted up that I’m going to use the wifi / airport? I’m not home all the time, not everywhere I go is wifi readily available. Just like not each time I startup my Mac am I going to need the wifi (like when I’m in a place with no wifi like an airplane or at a time when I don’t need to use the wifi).

      • Alex-V

        Never said that i dont understand

    • Damian

      Why would you turn it off at the first place? I am curious.

      • Mr_Coldharbour

        Why wouldn’t you? I’m just as curious. And why would it turn on automatically without me turning it on in the first place? Also curious.

      • Damian

        Wow do I sense sarcasm here. Anyway…
        Probably 99.99999…% of population wants to have wifi ON when they turn on their computer. So yeah, it is really nice to have wifi ON all the times when it reboots. First of all the loading of new applications at the start up detects updates and so on. So this is nice to have at the start up, rather than waiting for all application to load first, then turn on wifi and then wait for application to detect updates. Wifi OFF at the reboot is just not convenient. That’s all

      • Mr_Coldharbour

        Every version of OS X I’ve ever used has done the wifi OFF upon reboot/startup by default, including Mavericks and Yosemite. As I said before, not everyone uses wifi as their internet connection of choice by default, just like not everywhere I go is wifi readily available to connect on, or at least known wifi connections. Just like I don’t need the wifi or Internet for that matter every time I start my Mac. Can’t stress enough that this is a bug and not a feature, I’m not alone in complaining about this. This started since El Cap’s debut, Apple’s Discussion forums is filled with complaints about this.

  • nyangejr

    No come on jailbreak here???

    • Alex-V

      wrong section

  • Felipe Queiroz Drumond

    I unintentionally clicked on “hide update”. How to bring it back?!

    • Alex-V

      click on store–show all updates

      • Felipe Queiroz Drumond

        This option simply does not exist!

  • Alex-V

    it fixes the issue that iCloud have a problem..fixes the promo for the password…great.. 🙂

  • spaceMONkeyx01

    shutdown just took 4 min with new update. Is it just me?

  • Yaniv Behar

    airplay mode is still not working after the update.

  • James Adelaide

    Yesterday I updated to 10.11.3. After the update the fan has run continuously (about 6 hours yesterday and all day today). I did not even knows the unit had a fan, I never heard it run before. does anyone know why? Can i turn to fan off? Is it safe to do so? (Early 2009 20 inch. 2.66 GHz intel core 2 duo, 4 GB 1067 MHz DDR3)