Live Photos iPhone 6s

Live Photos, a feature of the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus which optionally captures 1.5 seconds of video before and after a picture is taken, is reportedly going to be replicated by Samsung’s next-generation Galaxy S7 smartphones when it debuts later this year, according to sources who spoke with Marius Maria over at Android Geeks.

As there’s no guarantee that Samsung’s engineers will finish it in time for the handset’s debut, it might arrive later this year with a software update.

Samsung’s marketing department hasn’t made a definite decision as to how they’re going to market this feature as the source heard about multiple monikers being floated around, from “Timeless Photo” to “Vivid Photo”, the latter one being a combination between “vivid memory” and “photo”.

Regardless of the name, Samsung’s version of Live Photos won’t capture sound with the photo to make it easier to share Vivid Photos directly to Facebook as animated GIFs, a feature missing from Live Photos from Apple.

It’s interesting that the Live Photos feature isn’t exactly Apple’s original invention as HTC’s Zoe Capture was capable of doing the same thing long before Live Photos.

How do you feel about Samsung’s adoption of the iPhone 6s’s headline camera improvement?

Source: Android Geeks

  • I’m not surprised

  • igorsky

    This can’t be true because we all know Apple doesn’t innovated.

  • leart

    the new samsung logo is in process

    • Ethan Monteon

      You do realize Samsung is worth more than Apple will be in a VERY LONG TIME right? Apple is merely a phone company where Samsung is more than that. Apple should be grateful to be in the presense of such a great company. Ignorance is bliss I suppose.

      • leart

        IGNORANCE is who dont understand copying = stealing = monkey see monkey do = easy money

  • tariq

    Samsung has to join the live photo thing so people with androids don’t feel left behind.. B/c IG, SC, FB, Twitter and all social medias are going to support this sooner or later. And if Samsung doesn’t let its users have the ability to upload Live Photos than people might buy iPhones instead

  • chrisz5z

    Yes, because live photos is such a deal breaker *groan*. Meanwhile, all Apple has been doing since iOS 5 incorporating tweaks from the jailbreak community

    • Reducing the incentive to jailbreak, you mean?

      • chrisz5z

        While it does reduce incentive for some, for me…. no. At the very least I would still jailbreak so I can remove various annoyances in iOS. Much of what they have incorporated are stripped down versions of which the jailbreak tweak is based. At times its laughable & sometimes seems like they would have never used the idea if it were never a jailbreak tweak

      • Rowan09

        I love the jailbreak community so I don’t mind what Apple does because it makes room for those guys to make money.

    • Blip dude

      I actually have to agree with the previous comment. I’m all for Jailbreaking, but reducing the incentive to Jailbreak makes more beneficial to those who are sick of this cat and mouse game.

    • Your Mother

      They haven’t been incorrupting. Jailbreaks they have incorporated Android.

      There is NO jailbreak that lets an iPhone;
      Go into power save mode
      Splitv the screen to run apps side by side
      Offer stylus support
      Let’s you share data across apps
      Use NFC
      Add images into a note
      Swipe the keyboard
      Predictable text

      Since iOS 7 apple has added over 60 Android features–yes, 60.

  • iPhoneWINS

    live photos is ;are as hell… i installed it on my 6+ and never used it at all.. removed it

    • igorsky

      What? It’s not an app…it’s a feature.

      Is this some sort of joke account, or are you a real person?

      • Chris Gilmore

        Jailbreak tweak…

      • igorsky

        Ah, understood…thanks.

        He’s still a clown.

  • iPhoneWINS

    then samsung owners will celebrate this bs

  • John Wickham

    I remember Samsung having a really similar feature years ago… a friend of mine had a Galaxy and showed me something like it. Really it was just a photo with a button to play recorded audio but still similar.

    • Benedict

      Correct. It is a camera mode called Animated photo.

  • ravinigga

    Its actually fine. They can use similar feature al other company’s copies each other to make better thing

  • David Barajas

    Good to see this article mentioned HTC Zoe doing this even before Apple. Some articles I read about this exact subject says Samsung bringing the feature “like Apple’s Live Photo”. Like the feature was first made by Apple.
    I enjoyed using that feature when I was using a HTC device as my primary.

  • Franklin Richards

    So with that the S7 will have force touch as well.

  • Jerry

    HOW SWAY?!

  • DevXav

    Monkey see, monkey do.

  • M2

    Stephen curry is so good.

  • Your Mother

    Samsung had animated GIF on the Galaxy S4.