Apple announces it’s shutting down its iAd app network

By , Jan 15, 2016


Apple on Friday announced that it plans to shutdown its iAd app network in June. The company made the statement on its developer web portal, telling app-makers that it is no longer accepting applications for the network.

The iAd App Network will be discontinued as of June 30, 2016. Although we are no longer accepting new apps into the network, advertising campaigns may continue to run and you can still earn advertising revenue until June 30. If you’d like to continue promoting your apps through iAd until then, you can create a campaign using iAd Workbench. We will continue to keep you updated, but if you have any questions, contact us.

Today’s news follows a report from BuzzFeed earlier this week which claimed that Apple would be dismantling its iAd sales team, as it moves to a more automated ad platform in which publishers handle most of the heavy-lifting.

Source: Apple

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  • Andrzej

    I got an email from Apple today that radio with ads will be discounted Jan 28. I am not Apple Music boy but I enjoy listening this Radio with ads. Apple advised to sign up for Apple Music. They are funny. What can I do?

  • Andrzej

    Here is the whole message:
    As a listener of ad-supported radio on Apple Music, we want you to know that it is being discontinued starting January 28. Beats 1 will now be the premier free broadcast so you’ll continue to get all the best music and culture there with world-class DJs like Zane Lowe and specialty programming from artists like Dr. Dre, Drake, Pharrell Williams, and more.

    Additionally, with an Apple Music membership, you can access dozens of radio stations handcrafted by our team of music experts, commercial-free with unlimited skips. Or you can create your own stations based on your favorite songs and artists. Start your Apple Music membership now and get a free three-month trial* to enjoy unlimited access to everything radio offers along with the entire Apple Music catalog.

  • (JailbreakQA) King Shoot

    I alreadt deleted AdSheet from iFile so yeah…kinda pointless for me 😛

    • :D

      You’re gonna start seeing ads from other servers instead now

      • (JailbreakQA) King Shoot

        Nope. Minimal Hosts Blocker installed 😛

      • :D

        Then why did you delete AdShedt?

      • (JailbreakQA) King Shoot

        Actually, I renamed it to .bak, but it has the same effect as deleting it shouldn’t really matter.
        Minimal Hosts doesn’t block everything, and I don’t think it blocks some iAds, so just to be safe, I rendered AdSheet useless.

        Also…I can’t tell if you are being serious or not because of your profile name. Seeing “:D” in every comment makes me wonder if your face is forever frozen in a smiling gesture.

      • :D

        Haha, good one 😀
        Fair enough, I wish I could install Hosts Blocker – I’m currently not jailbroken 🙁 ← not always a smile, see…

  • :D

    Always preferred it to google ads

  • TheShade247

    so what does that mean, no more annoying Ad popups?

    • Saudor

      i found iAd to be one of the nicer ones.. at least in my own experience. It’s the other publishers that do annoying stuff such as small close boxes, full screen ads, full screen video, etc