Get the most out of your wireless network with NetSpot Pro Wi-Fi Optimizer for Mac. Using NetSpot pro, anyone can visualize, optimize, and troubleshoot wireless networks quickly and easily. Grab this deal for only $18.49.

With NetSpot Pro you can see your Wi-Fi network as a visual map, allowing you to find dead zones without coverage and place hotspots correctly. Install this software on your MacBook and easily identify problem points with visualized map of collected wireless data. After you’ve identified areas with weak signal, it’s easy to place hotspots and make your network more effective.

– Reach maximum Wi-Fi efficiency
– Easily assure that hotspots are placed correctly & radio channels are assigned properly
– Visualize your wireless network w/ maps so you can see where to best increase connection strength
– Point your location on the map to starts collecting Wi-Fi data around you
– See dead zones without coverage
– View any number of Access Points (BSSIDs) simultaneously
– Utilize flexible grouping of APs by SSID, channel, vendor, security, etc. & custom groups
– Choose from multiple export possibilities, including new customizable advanced reports

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