Pair multiple Apple Watch why?

I’ve seen so many comments questioning the reason behind Apple allowing more than one Apple Watch to be paired with a single iPhone. Some people think it’s silly to have more than one Apple Watch, while others genuinely seem to be confused by the decision.

Why would Apple allow you to have more than one Apple Watch paired at the same time? Let’s consider the possible answers…

Pairing != Connecting

First of all, let’s briefly address what is not possible. With iOS 9.3 beta 1, Apple lends users the ability to pair more than one Apple Watch to a single iPhone. It has not, however, allowed the ability to connect more than one Apple Watch at the same time.

While you can have multiple Apple Watches paired, you can only use one at a time. In other words, when you wish to switch to a different Apple Watch, you must disconnect the previously connected watch.

Apple has a cool little mechanism in iOS 9.3 beta 1’s Watch app called Auto Switch, which will intelligently switch to the Apple Watch that’s being used without requiring user interaction. Of course, it’s still possible to manually go in and change connections if you wish to do so. Watch our video above for an in-depth look at the whole switching process.

Why more than one Apple Watch?

That brings us to the big question: Why would Apple allow such a thing? It’s actually pretty simple. It’s for those of us who own more than one Apple Watch.

Why would anyone have more than one Apple Watch, you ask?

For the same reasons that people own more than one traditional wrist watch. Perhaps one is for fashion, another is for sports, another is because it goes with that loud outfit that your wife has tried to make you get rid of.

Whatever the case may be, there are lots of reasons why someone would have more than Apple Watch. Remember, this is a fashion device; fashion warrants variety.

The future

There will eventually be an Apple Watch 2, just like there will eventually be an iPhone 7. When the iPhone 7 comes out, the iPhone 6s doesn’t cease to exist, just like the original Apple Watch will continue to live on once its next iteration launches. In that case, having the ability to pair more than one Apple Watch at a time definitely makes sense. Whether or not this change signals that the Apple Watch 2 is close to release is anyone’s guess.

Do you own more than one Apple Watch? What do you think about Apple’s decision to allow multiple Apple Watch pairings with a single iPhone? Did this post help clear up any misunderstandings? Drop me a line down below.

  • Jerry

    Cmon Jeff is clear that they are paying you now. Nobody is realistiy buy more then one Apple Watch

    • Apple Watch Sport = Activities, running, gym, etc. It’s lightweight and geared towards that.

      Apple Watch (stainless steel) = going to work, going out, dressier occasions.

      Apple Watch Edition = lol. Just kidding.

      But foreal, there are valid reasons for having two watches. Not saying that everyone will, but it’s not as ridiculous as some make it out to be.

      • techfreak23

        The stainless steel is good enough for workouts. The difference in weight and material is not enough to warrant having two watches. Unless you just have a ridiculous amount of money that you want to waste. Like those people that don’t wear a pair of pants more than once or have a pair of shoes for every day of the year…

      • Alborz

        Stainless steel gets scratched easily. it’s not suitable for workouts. I know I will be buying the second gen stainless tell and keeping my sport 1st gen. for that scenario, this is a very useful feature.

      • therealjjohnson

        How many scratches does one get on a watch from running on a treadmill or lifting weights ?

      • Alborz

        trust me. you don’t want to know. When working out you’re constantly moving around near hard metal objects. chances of hitting them is really high. When i Hit the sport, nothing happens. I’ve hit this thing on so many things with a loud bang and nothing happened. so any times I thought: “That’s it. time to buy a new one”
        Stainless steel isn’t meant for harsh environments. if I’m going to an event I’d like to wear that one. anything else, it’d have to be the sport.

      • TornBodies

        slap and ugly case on your watch for the work out why buy a sport watch just for working out

      • Alborz

        Because I don’t want a case. Why is the concept of multiple watches so foreign to you?
        I’ve had multiple watches for multiple occasions before.
        How does having two watches a bad thing? Can you explain?

      • TornBodies

        i have multiple watches but never the same exact model just made of different build materials thats kinda corny to me but hey its your money

      • Alborz

        Well in my case it won’t be exact same ones. the SS would be 2nd gen. Sport 1st gen. hence this feature will be very needed for me once I get that.

      • Dan Boltron

        My Stainless steel watch is pretty scratched up.

      • Mike M. Powell

        My Apple Watch Sport = everything expect wearing to work, no need for 2 lol

      • Andres

        If I win the jackpot tonight then maybe I’ll get the edition

      • James G

        It’s similar to the “why have an iPhone and an iPad” or “iPad and iPad mini” arguments. Some people have a reason to have more than one as clearly laid out here.

    • Franklin Richards

      There will be someone out there who is rich and active enough to buy one for rough use and one for causal use.

    • Moltakfire

      Because someone who’s bought the Apple Watch Edition would OBVIOUSLY go to the gym with it on a daily basis.


  • techfreak23

    Still stupid to allow multiple watches, not multiple iPhones. The vast majority of people do not have more than one watch, but there are definitely a lot more that have multiple iPhones… Sorry that we’re not bloggers, tech reviewers, or tech fashionistas and have multiple watches at our disposal…

    • But two iPhones = way more $ than two Apple Watches. I don’t think it’s as crazy as it seems.

      • techfreak23

        But more people have two iPhones because one is a work phone provided to them by their employer and a personal phone that they got themselves…

        Edit: do you know anyone outside of the tech blogosphere that has two watches…?

      • Fair enough…

      • Daniel Waske

        also, there are a lot of Apple Watch configurations which are actually more expensive than some reasonably priced iPhone (not talking about the 128GB 6s models of course)

      • Marc

        I do actually. I’ve got the sport in rose gold to match my iPhone and the stainless steel.

    • Tin Raz

      I agree with you, having 2 iPhones one private and one for work. I would rather see one watch to two iPhones, so I can get notifications and info from both iPhones on my watch.

    • websyndicate

      I have 2 phones iPhone 6+ personal and iPhone 6 for business. My personal line is At&t and the other is Verizon.

  • Jose Gonzalez

    I see what Apple did there and I agree it’s a good idea. Just like you said Jeff, this is a fashion device and I felt that way since when they announced it too. I personally have not purchased an Apple Watch in hopes that the next iteration will be better. If and when I do though, I will probably have more than one, sport and steel. The nice thing about my traditional watches is that I can choose which one to wear at different moments for different occasions. So I can justify Apple for doing this and don’t think anybody should be upset over it.

  • David Pomerleau

    My Apple Watch is limping to the release of the the second generation. It used to be slow, now it’s bug ridden and lagtastic.

    • 9to5Slavery


    • websyndicate

      I haven’t seen any of that. Yours could be defective.

    • John

      Yup, gotta agree here — Sounds like yours is defective.

      Have you contacted Apple, what have they said about the problem?

  • :D

    Some people are just really rich – let’s just face the facts and move on

  • pnh

    I thought the whole fashion thing was that you could easily change watch bands. I normally wear my black sport band but if I go out with the wife at night, I’ll slide on the Milanese that she bought me for Father’s day. I really think it’s mostly developers who will have more than one watch that this helps.

  • David

    I’m certainly not rich as far as $ goes, but I still have my old iPhone 4s that I use for music, etc. It is good to know that if I buy a newer Apple Watch, I won’t have to disconnect completely from my old one.

    I’m not the most fashionable guy. But with my previous analog watches, I would switch between black and stainless. Now I can potentially make that change with Apple Watches.

  • Marie-Louise Overgaard

    I have more than 5 regular watches, and could definitely see myself getting another Apple Watch, I must admit I am baffled by those who are so opposed to having more than one watch, it’s a personal choice.

    • George

      If you sh1t money then go ahead.

    • MademoiselleT

      Agreed. It’s a personal preference. I wear a gold sport with a gold link band for work. Now I can auto switch with my husband’s SS that he barely wears because of this feature. It’s not far fetched at all. Good job Apple.

  • James

    There could be another scenario, one family with only one iOS device but multiple apple watch. Probably apple will also introduce this function to iPad(with multiple user enabled) or introduce multiple user functionality into iPhone, so everyone can use their own Apple watch with a single device. Pure wild guess

  • techfreak23

    Dual SIM and multiple users on a phone. Like what they just did for iPads in education.

    • John

      *shakes head*
      Dual SIM and multiple users on a PHONE?!?!?!?

      Clearly you’re not thinking logically here.

      What good user experience comes from someone else having their SIM card in your phone, logged in and using it…only for you to miss that call offering you a new job, or you’ve won the lotto, miss the call from the hospital to say your labour has gone into labour, or the police asking you to come identify a body or say good bye to a loved one.

  • James G

    I don’t know if I’ll ever own more than one Apple Watch but I certainly own more than one band.

  • Dan Boltron

    I wasn’t able to decide between the Stainless Steel and Space Black. Now 2nd gen I can get the Space Black and have both, and switch based on my preference. I don’t sh-t money, as some posers on here have said one would need to in order to have two watches, but if you insist on being a frugal fanny cheapskate like my grandmother and you’re going to keep complaining about how expensive these devices are why don’t you just go buy a different brand and go read a different blog.

  • the hood

    Heavens to mergatroyd, if people have two iphones or more, two ipads or more etc why ie two or more watches a shock to the senses? I’ll bet someone has two Apple pencils just so they can keep one behind their ear while they use the other. I’m looking at you Jeffrey Benjamin 🙂

  • mydanes

    Actually two watches is very logical – the truth is a heavy watch user (me) who does not wish to sacrifice my watch time hehehe – can swap one on charger and never miss a moment of wearing my Apple Watch! So not for everyone but does not mean those of us with TWO are WRONG :).

  • Mary Ida Weakley Reitz

    I just bought my 2nd watch, but you mentioned that it had to be updated, and it’s impossible that this one has been, so I guess

  • NotoLepage

    I suffer from crippling arthritis and wear my Apple Watch in lieu of an emergency medical alert. The ability to ‘hot swap’ between two watches and have 24/7 connectivity is an actual handicap accessible feature I’ve been waiting for. I already have my watch in a Catalyst water proof case so I can wear it in bath or shower. This eliminates up to two hours every day when I’m disconnected due to charging. How’s that for a reason to own and use two?

  • Cat

    I have two Apple Watches, I bought one new 13 months ago and one recently. I have to track walks most of the day for clients, I use workouts for tracking time and distance, so I need to swap watches or have downtime while my watch recharges. If the next generation of watches have better battery life I will probably sell both and get one that has enough battery to track several hours of workouts.

  • Bill Smith

    I have had multiple watches for as long as I can remember, at least in my adult years. It’s like having multiple shoes or belts or shirts or jeans. I know some people don’t get it but some just don’t wear the same thing of everything everyday. Since I got my Apple watch, it’s the only watch I’ve worn but I change the bands to fit the occasion so that’s how I deal with that but now I’m looking to get another Apple watch in a different style so I can switch it up even more.

  • Isa Dunklin

    I’d like to pair a watch for me, and the other for a family member; I’m most interested in the health, activity and body measurements data be kept separately. Is that possible without synchronizing them under the same profile? Thanks!