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Episode 117: Apple releases iOS 9.3 beta 1 with tons of new features, a new report claims that Apple is cutting iPhone 6s production, more iPhone 7 rumors hint to waterproofing and wireless charging. Will Apple ditch the 3.5mm headphone jack? The team debates about this and other things in a brand new episode of Let’s Talk iOS.

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  • HomemadePoopie

    Wireless charging, or more precisely “inductive charging” is more captive than charging by a cord. It’s more restricting than it is wireless. I don’t understand why people want this, unless, for child use purposes? Although for me, this would be a bad thing. I always use my iPhone while charging, something that’s practically impossible to do with a inductive charging platform.

    Also, wasn’t it rumored that the new iPhone will include a embedded router or something similar? Perhaps for AirPlay supported earbuds or along the lines of that? This goes along with the fiasco with removing the 3.5mm headphone port rumor. This appeals to me far more than Bluetooth but nobody seems to even acknowledge AirPlay as a suitable alternative protocol. Just wondering what your thoughts are. 🙂 great job, guys!

    B.T.W. Congratulations on the winnings in the JBA15!

    • Wireless charging is indeed worse than normal wired charging. That’s a fact. But I just think that having the option to wireless charge would be nice.

    • Melvco

      Agreed that wireless charging isn’t ideal for some situations, but I don’t think anyone is suggesting it be the only option. All current smartphones, to my knowledge, that support wireless charging also support a form of wired charging.

      • HomemadePoopie

        More the merrier, I understand and agree. I was just voicing my preferences and explaining the reasons why. There’s faults, something I wonder if people, those who are praising the technology, are considering.

        I agree with Sebastian, I think it’s a gimmick but to an actual problem… Whereas, using the proximity sensor to answer a call because your fingers are dirty from the ridiculously messy chicken wings isn’t. The difference that results to the appeal but far from the answer. 🙂 I am in no ways bashing on inductive charging though!

  • Thanks for the great explanation