Your Mac, like any computer, can slow down if it’s not kept clean. CleanMyMac 3 will safely and easily clean your system of unused files, keep your photo library a manageable size, and more. CleanMyMac 3: 2-pack is on sale for just $35.97 (40% off).

You’ll be surprised by the impact of slow deceleration your computer experiences over time, adding seconds to everyday tasks, which accumulate rapidly and eventually make your digital experience a sluggish headache. To combat diminished efficiency, CleanMyMac uses advanced algorithms to safely delete files, filtering and eliminating 11 file types of junk: user & system cache and log files, broken preferences, broken login items, iOS software update files, iOS photo cache, universal binaries, application configuration files, and language files.

The new version of CleanMyMac goes even further than previous editions, scanning and finding superfluous files in your iPhoto library, as well as the ability to detect and remove email attachments from and broken downloads, old iOS updates, and app downloads from iTunes.

Keep two Macs running like new with CleanMyMac 3 at 40% off.

  • Jared

    Is this a reliable product or is it something similar to the crapware that is MacKeeper?

    • micaiah

      I work at an IT company. Trust me do yourself a favor and just get ccleaner. It’s free and isn’t crap

    • It is reliable. John Gruber actually had them as a sponsor not long ago. That speaks for itself

      • Jared

        How does this program differ from MacKeeper and all the other programs that promise to do the same thing?