watchOS 2

Along with iOS 9.3, Apple has also seeded watchOS 2.2 to developers. watchOS 2.2 is a significant release, because it is the first software release for the Apple Watch that allows users to pair multiple Apple Watches to a single iPhone. Granted, the iPhone must be running iOS 9.3, which is only available to developers at the time, but it paints a positive picture for the future.

Outside of the ability to pair multiple Apple Watches, there doesn’t appear to be anything else of note in the change log. That said, we will be updating to watchOS 2.2 on our Apple Watch in order to test it out. We’ll report back with any new findings that we have.

  • Adrian

    They better not require 9.3 when installing watchOS2.2! I’m staying happily JB on 9.0.2

    • James G

      Likely will be a requirement.

  • Daniel Akierman

    Can anyone explain the need to pair two or more apple watches to the same phone? I have really tried to think of one reason and can’t find one.

    • Tavish

      I think it’s for the the rich people who have more than one apple watch.

  • Ricky

    can some one post watch profile 2.2 beta

  • iPhoneWINS


  • Adam

    can you upgrade apple watch while jailbroken ?

    • Adam


  • Husam Hamed

    And I’m just sitting here waiting fo an update that fixes the notifications override.
    My watch has been sitting on my desk for months because it’s unusable to me! I got it as an additional source for notifications, but instead it just overrides my iphone’s notifications for some reason!!
    I’ve missed so many messages because of that.
    It’s also stupid to be looking at you phone that’s lying on the desk in front of you and have your watch tell you that you got a new message, so you check your phone just to find nothing on your lock screen!! So you have to check the notification from your watch first to see what app you should be looking for on your phone! Oh and even my custom ringtones are useless now!

    • John

      No doubt you spoke to Apple about these issues, what have they said?

      • Husam Hamed

        I have! And a lot of my friends too! But we got no response!

        I’ve posted about this here on idb on some other posts to see if people agree with me.. But it seams like lots of people are ok with the watch the way it is!

      • Rad Sturgis

        You know that’s is how it is supposed to work right?

    • Maze

      I’m not sure I understand your problem. When my phone is locked and I get a notification, it goes straight to my watch. If I swipe the notification up, and I check my phone, the notification will still be there. If I press “dismiss” which acknowledges that I’ve read the notification, the notification will not be on my phone. If my phone is unlocked and I get a notification, it goes straight to my phone and not my watch. Everything works exactly as I want it to work. If you can’t see the notifications on your phone after they come on your watch, don’t dismiss the notification. Just look at then turn away.

    • Swanny246

      I was under the impression that was by design. It copies the iPhone’s notifications by default so your Watch gets the alert instead of your iPhone. If you don’t want a particular notification to go to your Watch, you can disable it in the Watch app on your iPhone.

      Alternatively, don’t swipe to dismiss the notification on your Watch, as that clears the notification on your iPhone. Just press the crown and it will leave the notification on your iPhone (and in the Watch’s NC).