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We’ve introduced you to a number of different lens accessories in the past for our spotlight series. There are plenty out there to cover your iPhone photography needs, from dedicated cases specific to the iPhone 6s to clip on lenses that can be used with any device.

Some of our readers have asked about the Moment Lens. While this particular product hasn’t been around long enough to generate a solid consumer review base, we checked out the Moment Lens line and think it looks amazing. We haven’t had a chance to test these products in the wild. So, if you own the Moment Lens kit, tell us what you think of it in the comments section.

The Moment Lens kit takes iPhone photography a step further with high-quality ED glass with multi-layer anti-reflection coating that is specially designed to provide a sharp picture across the screen.

Each lens has a specially designed housing and a micro bayonet interface made from high-quality stainless steel. They come with a fitted hood that protects the lens and reduces glare.

Lenses can be attached directly to your iPhone 6s with the included 0.3mm mounting plate that sticks to the backside of your device.

Moment Lens 1

However, if you don’t like the idea of adhering the mounting plate directly to your iPhone 6s, you can always add the Moment Case. It was made specifically for the lens kit, but also has a few features that really turn your smartphone into a camera.

It has a raised button that triggers the shutter on your device. The button has half and full press features so you can focus and expose the shot before you take it. Holding down the button enables Burst mode. The case has a bump at the bottom that enhances your camera holding experience. The companion app recognizes when a Moment Lens is attached for faster connection to the software features you need.

The company sells three lenses. The Moment Wide Lens provides two times wider landscape shots without creating an unnatural bend. The Moment Tele Lens zooms in to get you twice as close without degradation to the original image. The Moment Macro Lens gets you ultra close to your subject. It has a custom diffuser hood to reduce shadows and maximize ambient light. Each lens costs $99.99.

If you want to go the distance and really turn your iPhone 6s into a camera, you can add the Moment Case, which comes in black with black, black with white, and black with wood grain, for between $69.99 and $99.99, depending on your color preference.

There are versions of the lens kits and cases available for the iPhone 6s Plus, as well. You can order the Moment Lens and Moment Case from the company’s website.

Do you own a Moment Lens? Let us know what you think of it in the comments below.

  • Paul Lopez

    can’t purchase for iPhone 6s+. every case for the + is greyed-out, except for iPhone 6/6s. bummer 🙁

    • The company ran out of products over the Christmas shopping season. I’ve been told that they will be replenished shortly.

      • Paul Lopez

        thanks for the update.

      • I emailed them directly about the wide lens, and I got an email back telling when they would go live again on the website. this was between Thanksgiving & Christmas, so if you’re interested, I recommend emailing them, not just joining the ‘notify when in stock’ list.

  • James Wheeler

    I like the fact that you need only buy a new mount when you get a new phone. Expensive though… Maybe next Christmas present? 🙂

  • I have a Moment Wide with the Moment Case, they both work with the iPhone 6 and 6s perfectly. I have to say this is an amazing product, the quality is superior from most of the lenses I’ve ever tried. It’s build quality is excellent. Great product to have.

  • Ds

    this might be something I’d look into to if they were to do a bundle package.. I do like the fact that this can be used with screen protectors unlike the OlloClip

  • iPhoneWINS


  • Anonymous

    I love this concept, i would be a buyier if the case was water proof. I go hiking alot, and like to use a water proof case when i go. If they ever relase that ill be picking one up for sure.

    • This was my big hangup. I use a Lifeproof case at the beach, so I didn’t mount the plate to the phone.

      • Anonymous

        So will the lense conect to a life proof case? Or are you just stating that you dont intend on buying the product for a simliar reason i am not buying it.

  • Donstil

    Not long enough? My first moment lens I got is something of two years old.

  • Thanks for point this out Lori. I wonder if they have a wide aperture lens. Would love to get some narrow depth of field shots on an iPhone.

    • They have Wide, tele, and macro.

    • James Wheeler

      Aperture is still within the original camera. So aperture won’t change (although the effect of it will – due to different field of view). It looks like the macro produces a fairly shallow DOF (but you need to be close).

      To get a shallower DOF you need a bigger sensor as well as a wide aperture. f2.2 on my iPhone’s small sensor is very different to f2.2 on my DSLR’s bigger sensor.

      There are ways of doing it on an iPhone, but it normally requires having a special plate behind a SLR lens that acts like a sensor, which the iPhone then focuses on (basically taking a picture of what the “plate” sees).