qwertyoruiop IOS 9.2.1 jailbreak

iOS 9.2.1 isn’t even out of beta yet, but a well-known iOS hacker is already flaunting a purported jailbreak for the unreleased software. Luca Todesco, better known as @qwertyoruiop, teased an iPhone 6 screenshot of Cydia running on iOS 9.2.1 beta.

Whether the jailbreak is legit is still up for debate, but he’s no slouch when it comes to security research involving iOS. In fact, Todesco was recently credited by Apple in one of its iOS security fix acknowledgements for iOS 9.2.

Will this jailbreak ever see the light of day as a public release?

qwertyoruiop OS X GPU Fix

Apple credited Todesco for help with recent security fixes

At this point and time, the answer to that question seems to be no. Just take a look at the tweet Todesco sent out that accompanied the above screenshot:

In the tweet, he states “No releases.”

Seems pretty cut and dry if you ask me. It looks like those of you wanting an iOS 9.2.1 jailbreak need to look for it to come from someone else.

What are your thoughts on the matter?

  • Nathan

    The new i0n1c: flaunt the jailbreak

    • Giacomo Castellucci

      i0n1c actually went against him on twitter so i guess we all can aree this jailbreak is legit lol

  • Waleed

    This stuff is just to hurt our feelings smh

  • tariq

    Why jb a beta tho? Why not jb 9.2 instead?

    • burge

      Because he’s using a beta and it probably works on 9.2 anyway

  • reminds me of that a sshole Stefan Esser.

  • the hood

    ‘i lied. All Hail’, is that hacker code for I’m an A-Grade knobhead!
    What a shame they’re given oxygen on blogsites such as iDB and yes I understand the counter-argument in publishing it. Still, a shame they’re given webspace.

  • NotTodayThx

    lol, well done Luca, why give to you sheep when he can monetize it, you clowns.

    • Paymon John Vafa

      Learn to write, clown.

      • NotTodayThx

        Punctuate, you mean.

  • (JailbreakQA) King Shoot

    So developers like pod2g, iH8sn0w, p0sixninja, comex etc, who made jailbreaks for 7.0.x and lower, and who probably help Pangu and TaiG in some way are a complete waste of our time?

    • Robin Keanu Keim

      Of course! Remember when this ominous Pangu Jailbreak Team was said to release a jailbreak for iOS 8 and people went all crazy like “No way!” “Fake!” “Only Evasion/pod2g/iH8sn0w/comex/InsertFavoriteiOSHacker(Team)Here can release a jailbreak!” This will always be the case in this community, I mean sure there are a lot of websites and folks that lie about having a jailbreak and/or want you to pay money for it, but people tend to forget that basically anyone with the knowledge, time and dedication can make a jailbreak.

      • Nolan I.

        This was actually the case for the 7.1.x jailbreak, as that was the first one Pangu released.

        Probably the most stable JB and iOS I’ve been on yet, 8.3 being a close second.

      • Robin Keanu Keim

        Oh you’re right! Sometimes I just forget who worked on what jailbreak, how long ago… Thanks. 🙂

      • I find TaiG to be the most stable jailbreak. And I don’t really trust Pangu asking permission for my photo library.

    • Ernie Marin

      Help?, half of those are working for Apple or Google now.

    • Mike M. Powell

      We believe them we just don’t believe him right now he didn’t deliver on 8.4.1 so people don’t trust him just like i0n1c, we don’t like teasing we like releases. R/jailbreak is already on edge crucifying anyone who brings false info bout a jailbreak.

      P.S: And ih8snow just tweeted bout this…shots were fired ;P

  • Manuel Molina

    If not him, than someone else would find a jailbreak and release. It’s the course of this community. It’s all about patience.

  • Ethan Monteon

    Can’t be any worse than that Dream Jailbreak. Now that guy was an asshole.

  • iPhoneWINS

    lol lame

  • Elias Chao

    I don’t get why everyone gets so mad when someone tease their work. I mean, i0n1c, iH8sn0w and qwertyruiop (or whatever) are into the iOS security stuff, they don’t have to release everything they are working on.

    Also, qwertyruiop was going to release a jaikbreak for iOS 8.4.1, but his twitter mentions went crazy: people ask everyday for an ETA, and got mad because he hasn’t released the tool; the [Twitter] jaikbreak comunnity is not really healthy for this guys.

    • Mike M. Powell

      People don’t know how to b patient, I can chill till 9.2-9.2.1 comes out as long as I don’t mess up somehow n Brick my phone or drop it n break it anyway *knocks on wood* lol xD

    • Teasing = showing off.

      • Elias Chao

        Whoops, my bad. I meant posting their stuff.

  • Micke på taket

    Im fed up waiting for a JB so i bought an galaxy edge .. Ill be back on iOS in a year or 2 .. Damm

  • Pete Dorrell

    Flaunt don’t prove crap… I can photoshop like nobody’s business! Just saying, PROVE it and release it lol

  • One word: asshole

  • learn to code and make your own jailbreak instead of bitching for new ones to come out. jailbreaks take time, and ios 9 was always said to be hard to jailbreak. pangu probably wasted tons of exploits which could have been useful for ios 9.1/9.2. Remember the whole p0sixspwn fiasco, where they used (“burned”) a well-known-within-the-jailbreak-community exploit used by many previous jailbreak teams to find out where other exploits are? Then they wasted it on an IOS 6.1.3-6.1.6 jailbreak, so it got fixed in IOS 7.1.

    • Mike M. Powell

      Who the hell r u?!??? ain’t nobody bitching. I could care less how long it takes. I know making a jailbreak isn’t easy, I’m speaking on the chaos that’s been r/jailbreak like I said b4 hand. READ!!!! Lawd of mercy…

  • dnice

    looks photoshopped to me the 9.2.1 part looks off. the spacing in the period.