If you noticed something a bit different with Cydia when you opened it this morning, you’re not alone. Cydia itself didn’t change, but the repo that hosts the majority of the popular jailbreak tweaks did.

The BigBoss repo underwent a significant redesign, resulting in a cleaner look, and a more friendly interface. Of course, since this change is limited to the BigBoss repo, you won’t see any changes in packages hosted on other repos.

The above screenshot is a before and after comparison image of the repo changes. As you can see, the package description and other details now span the entire width of the screen, resulting in a more modern look.


The package images are also presented in a much more digestible format, as is the change log. Even ads seem to load faster with the new changes.

What do you think about the update to the BigBoss repo? Do you think it’s an improvement over the old design? Personally speaking, I think it looks great!

  • Newgunnerr

    About damn time

    • Jeffrey

      Je moeder.

  • nyangejr

    I first thought it was my phone messing with the network speed, then I thought it was saurik’s Cydia, now i found out it was a BigBoss repo thingy. Wow happy 2016, hoping for more to follow

  • iAdam1n

    I think it looks amazing. Took a long time but it’s nice now it’s here. If only ModMyi and saurik’s did this too.

  • Joostiphone

    Now, an iOS 9.2 jailbreak (which im stuck on) would be nice to enjoy all these new and lovely things.

  • Rondog

    Jailbreak ios 9.2, where are you? Even if Apple patched the jailbreak in 9.2.1 we DON’T have to update to it anyway right? I made a huge mistake of upgrading from 9.0.2, and lost my jailbreak thinking we would get a jailbreak before the holidays, I’m not moving from 9.2 but we do need the jailbreak for it. Come on TaiG and, or, Pangu, please.

    • Leguro

      Smart man.

  • tariq

    Saw another rumor that jailbreak is ready and will realease soon, from 3k.

    • Tommy

      o really?

      • tariq

        Yeah, read it a few days ago

  • Morgan Freeman

    I don’t get it. All I can see is a big colorful ad on those screenshots.

    • Lucus Bendzsa

      Anything you say brings joy to me.

    • leart

      the change is all in the text, they reorganized the text layout. it look and feel more professional now

  • still waiting for the jailbreak

  • Alberto Espinal

    They should redesign their icon too, it’s still Skeuomorphic

    • mrgerbik

      This is what we’ve become

  • BasedOnAir

    Dollar bills.

  • leart

    yeah, it looks very different 😛
    without joking, it looks very nice and clean now, they changed the used font, looks like a helvetica family, very nice

  • get an android then if you can’t wait

  • Hippo

    No way !