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Apple is under fire over planned obsolescence concerning the iOS 9 software update, with a new class-action lawsuit accusing the company of intentionally slowing older iPhone models with the update, AppleInsider reported Wednesday.

Filed with a New York district court on Tuesday, the lawsuit also accuses Apple of deceptive trade practices and false advertising which assured customers that iOS 9 would run fine on older handsets dating back to four-year-old iPhone 4s models without stating that the upgrade would cripple legacy handsets severely.

“In actuality, the complaint reads, iOS 9 significantly interferes with iPhone 4s performance, and because Apple security protocols prevent users from downgrading, owners were forced to choose between an inoperable device or spending hundreds of dollars on a new version,” writes AppleInsider.

Indeed, Apple’s advertising, including the official iOS 9 website, hails iOS 9 features such as faster performance, enhanced security, longer battery life and other perks, but fails to warn older device owners of potential compatibility issues.

Plaintiffs wrote that iOS 9 “significantly slowed down” their handsets, “interfered with the normal usage of the device,” exhibited “slow response to touchscreen input” and showed other problems.

As a result, plaintiffs had to put up with a “slow and buggy” phone that “disrupts everyday life”. The filing claims that Apple through “internal testing and other means” knew that iOS 9 performed poorly on the iPhone 4s.

They are seeking over $5 million in damages. No hearings have been set at this time.

Apple’s closed iOS ecosystem, the filing continues, discourages iPhone owners from switching platforms because they cannot use their iPhone apps and nontransferable media on a non-iOS device.

“When iPhone 4s owners are faced with the dilemma of continuing to use a slow, buggy phone or spend hundreds to buy a new phone, Apple often benefits because consumers will often buy a new iPhone to keep their investment in the App ecosystem,” says the suit.

The class, which includes more than 100 members, claims that plaintiffs felt that Apple’s planned obsolescence tactics were designed to push them toward spending hundreds of dollars on a new iPhone.

“There is no learning curve and no delays and trouble that accompany new information input,” reads the document. “Thus Apple stands to benefit financially when older iPhones are slowed down and owners are forced to purchase a new phone.”

Source: AppleInsider

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  • Fardeen Beharry

    ios 9 is faster than ios 8 but ios 7 was the best

    • Preben Faarkrog Hansen

      remember my iOS 7.2 best ever, too dam smooth 🙂

      • sNick

        iOS 7 in general was super smooth on iphone 4s

      • Anmol Malhotra

        whut? when did iOS 7.2 released? Last ver was 7.1.2

  • Rowan09

    Only in America.

    • Mr_Coldharbour


    • Manuel Molina

      Yes but I see the case to maybe give wind to allow users the ability to downgrade without fuss. The money is pointless, they ability for all users to downgrade or even revert back to the first iOS that was on the phone the first time around would be preferable. Like macs, if you updated 5 times but want to recovery back to the first OS ever on your device, you’re giving that option. That is a hope for iOS users.

      • Rowan09

        So what happens now if someone downgrades to an OS with a serious security issue, are they going to take all responsibility for whatever happens? You can’t satisfy everyone so if it was so bad they had time to downgrade and it seemed like they didn’t. I wouldn’t mind if Apple allowed downgrading, but I stay on the latest jailbroken OS until the new jailbreak.

      • Manuel Molina

        It should be stated in the terms of service that downgrading has risk. But no one should be left in the dark that upgrading will bring you risk. People who jailbreak are familiar with the idea of not updating because of many reasons. Some average Joe’s might not.

        And not true. You don’t know when that person upgraded. They could have upgraded a week, day or even an hour after Apple stop signing the last OS. They could have been signing but the person didn’t know how to downgrade. Point: the downgrade clause should be an option.

    • nonchalont

      They just need to buy a new phone, but I get it if you can’t afford one and the phone does what they need it to. Apple should allow downgrades or they should not allow an iOS version that is going to slow down the phones performance significantly. 4s should have stopped at ios8. Want ios9? Then upgrade your phone. OR!!! Apple can start monopolizing iOS versions. Want ios10, it’s only for iPhone 7. Want ios11? It’s only for iPhone 7s. Want ios12?! Only for iPhone 8, etc.

      • Rowan09

        Yeah I get it but then people will complain that Apple doesn’t allow IOS 9 on a 5 year old device.

      • nonchalont

        Exactly, whoever complains the hardest (could be monetary) could make a difference. You can’t please all sides of a fence. Just have to do what’s right as a company. People will always complain. Just think of any customer service job with people contact. Members/clients always complain.

      • Downgrading would literally please everybody. You downgrade then you take full responsibility. Simple as that.

      • mrgerbik

        no need for ‘literally’ in that sentence 🙂

      • mrgerbik

        you can please all by allowing downgradable iOS again…

    • johnsm

      because they are not morons

  • Felipe Queiroz Drumond

    iPad Mini 2 is slower in iOS9. I regret upgrading.

  • igobythisname

    Where can I sign up to join in on this class action? iOS 9 has hindered my iPhone 4S nearly usele$$….

  • max31

    what about a battery life on iphone 5. from 8.3 to 8.4 cut in half.i was scared upgrading to ios 9.

  • rockdude094

    Even tho the plaintiff is right I don’t think they can do anything about it. I’d like the option to downgrade instead.

  • Linton Findlay

    ‘Inoperable’. A few seconds lag opening apps does not make it ‘inoperable’ pretty sure it’s in the Ts and Cs when you update that it may affect performance

    • How about you drive a car with a brake which is a ‘few seconds’ late? You get the drift?

      • Linton Findlay

        Not really a life or death situation though. Waiting a couple of seconds longer for Facebook to open

      • How about waiting a couple of seconds for every app to open?

      • Jaba Haba

        person got kidnapped only got a short chance to call 911 or get help by sending message with social media app. unlock his iphone 4s open an app to reach out for help, but can’t do it in time cause of the lagg.

      • Mukund Bhatla

        Sounds legit.

      • mrgerbik

        the point is that its not working as intended/advertised…

        if people like you had their way and noone was allowed to make complaints, I could just imagine what kind of shit corporations would pull on everyone!

    • osm70

      What Ts and Cs? I updated my phone 3 times and i have never seen any terms.

      • Linton Findlay

        The iTunes terms and conditions

  • Mukund Bhatla

    Dude even the performance on the iPad mini 1 which shares the same chip and ram as the iPhone 4s has significantly slowed down, you barely can use it and the responses on the touch screen respond slower than Yo Mumma Jokes!!

    • Fully support this. I have an ipad mini almost unusable after the update. This was deliberately done for people to give up their old device. Apple will lose this lawsuit, there’s no chance in hell they’re gonna escape this. Or they might release a ‘light’ firmware update to sneak their way past this lawsuit..

      • Mukund Bhatla

        The only way to make it faster is through Jailbreaking… Which is still not released, and even the ram clearing method which was recently posted on iDB doesn’t help!! It was so much more better on iOS 6.1.3

  • Faisal

    A. Get a new phone
    B. Don’t upgrade to new iOS
    C. Switch to some other brand forever

    Why waste courts time with this shitty lawsuit and seek 5 million in damages. What’s happening with this world ?

    • Opskito

      Holding a multi-billion dollar company accountable is A-OK in my book.

      • mrgerbik

        thank you

  • Bugs Bunnay

    Oh ios 9, but not ios 7 on iphone 4. Sure.

  • Charles Dean

    This is actually a good thing. People shouldn’t be forced to dish out money because the perfectly working phone/iPad that they’ve been using is crap because of a falsely advertised software update

    • Rowan09

      Then don’t expect your device to run like a 6s understand it will be significantly slower.

      • We expect the same performance we had, not as worse one. Has nothing to do with a 6s.

      • Rowan09

        The new OS is always best on newer devices. When people upgraded didn’t like it they could have downgraded.

      • Lol? You act as if that option is present on their phone or if the option is even brought up during the upgrade process. It isn’t and 99% of users do not know about it or do not know how to.

      • Rowan09

        Right and hence I have a problem with my phone I go to the Apple Store and ask. If it was so unusable at least that’s the next option.

      • mrgerbik

        Not everyone knows this Einstein

      • That’s an unrealistic expectation. As software gets more complicated you’re inevitably going to have to upgrade your hardware at some point in time. This goes for all computers not just Apple computers. I have a Windows computer barely running Windows 10 with 4GB of RAM and an Intel i3 processor. Do I expect it to run as well as the day I first got it? Of course not. Is the experience awful? For the most part yes, which is why I hardly use it and will be upgrading it soon.

  • Apple needs to release ‘lite’ versions of their firmware for older devices.

    • Tommy

      or any devices really

    • Elias Chao

      As far as I know, they do release “lite” versions. They ditch some of the new features on older devices.

      This should be pretty good, because you don’t get that not-really-necessary new feature, but you get your phone the chance to run a new OS with its newest APIs.

      But they [Apple] ditch features and also slow down their older devices.

      • LOL what ‘lite’ releases are made? Pray, please tell.

      • I think what he was referring to is that Apple optimises iOS for older devices. This is contrary to this lawsuit which makes it seem like Apple does no such thing. As an example on older devices the blur UI elements in iOS 9 are less prevalent.

  • Opskito

    Heck, it even noticeably slowed down my 6 Plus. They may have a point.

    • SilverBatman14

      This I can fully confirm. I used my dads 6 Plus, oh my god the amount of lag he gets just in the app switcher.

      • Opskito

        Yep. That’s one of the worst offenders.

        The thing that really gets my goat is that I was a late 6 Plus adopter and purchased the device about three months before the 6S Plus and iOS 9 came out. I had 90 days of smooth sailing and then …

        From now on, I’m only going to purchase a new device that’s released at or around the same time as a new version of iOS (unsure if that’s always the case).

      • Elias Chao

        The app switcher thing got a little better with 9.2, but yes it is noticeable the lag on the 6 Plus.

  • DOOManiac

    Title of this article is very misleading and clickbait-y. The phrasing “on the hook” implies that Apple has already lost the lawsuit and must now pay up – not that a lawsuit has been filed.

    You are better than this iDB!

  • Simply loosen the iDictator grip, give the freedom to install whichever iOS version suited the user’s desires and be done with it…no need for them planned obsolescence updates.

    • Rowan09

      So when developers decide to stop supporting older firmware should Apple force them to continue? Should Microsoft keep sending security updates for XP? There comes a time as you and I know when you’ll just need to upgrade, it’s electronics.

      • (JailbreakQA) King Shoot

        There is no need to force developers. Simply continue to provide normal updates but allow downgrades. If an app stops supporting an older version, a user can simply use an older app. If the old app doesn’t work, then its the user’s problem.

      • Rowan09

        But then another law suit because since I bought the app I should have support forever. This is a nonsense lawsuit and if the users were so unhappy with IOS 9 then they should have downgraded during the window.

      • “But then another law suit because since I bought the app I should have support forever”

        Hahaha, now that lawsuit is laughable and will instantly be tossed out of the court…on the other hand, this one here is legit and apple needs to fix it.

      • Rowan09


      • You never cease to amaze with your BS. Just ’cause devs stop creating new apps for the old OS doesn’t mean my old apps would stop. I don’t want to upgrade my device on since dictator’s terms, leave me to enjoy my device and upgrade/downgrade on my own terms. That’s what every other platform offers except iOS.

      • Eikast

        No one is forcing you to update the OS on your phone. Get over yourself. Apple doesn’t let users downgrade for security reasons. If you hate the way Apple does things then switch to another competitor that does things the way you want. I love the openness of Android devices but I’m fine with Apple doing their thing because they have their reasons. If I want something else, I’d use my hard earned money to switch.

      • “No one is forcing you to update the OS on your phone.”

        So in denial even with clear evidence in front of you…pathetic. Let’s see you restore iOS 6 on a 4s without any restrictions.

        “Apple doesn’t let users downgrade for security reasons”

        What security? Let’s hear it. ‘Cause so far, it’s more like security of their pockets, not much for their users. iOS and Mac OS X still remain the most vulnerable OSs (bit. ly/1FZM9C9) despite whatever security you so want to believe in.

      • Eikast

        If you don’t upate any device they should work as the day you bought it unless certain services are depreciated. Apple is a company, they want users to use their latest version of iOS and their latest devices. This is why they don’t allow downgrades. If you downgraded then you’d be able to jailbreak (which is something that Apple never wants), plus you wouldn’t be able to use certain services such as Apple Music.

        The iPhone 4s still works. It didn’t stop working, it’s just more sluggish and slow. Your criticism of Apple is with all competitors. Apple is a company, they need to focus their efforts on things that make them money to please shareholders. It doesn’t make sense for them to prioritize 4 year old hardware. Their 4 year old Macs work fine, SoC progresses at an insane rate compared to desktop/laptop chips.

      • “If you don’t upate any device they should work as the day you bought it unless certain services are depreciated.”

        I fully understand that, that’s why my jailbroken iPhone 4s is working fine till today with iOS 6 and still getting certain app updates from the store. But there are times I just want to start fresh and ready it for sale, being forced to install the latest update would just make my buyer regret the purchase and want to return it.
        Also, You can’t blame people who choose to update their devices as apple claims it will be much faster and adds new features. False advertisement is to be blame here.

        “Apple is a company, they want users to use their latest version of iOS and their latest devices. This is why they don’t allow downgrades.”

        Precisely, it’s security for their deep pockets. Samsung and Microsoft too are companies, but you don’t see them forcing planned obsolescence updates on your old device when all you want to do is sell it. Hence my point from the start; Apple should simply loosen their iDictator grip, give the freedom to install whichever iOS version suits the user’s desires and be done with it. If users don’t like the consequences of not getting the latest version of apps, it’s their problem.

      • mav3rick

        “…still works. It didn’t stop working, it’s just more sluggish and slow”WOW!!! They don’t even need their highly paid lawyers in court, only a bunch of iSheeps will cover them for free!
        How about leave my device I paid a hefty price on the same performance the day I got it in the store? For the whole number of years as owner I want to use it? Don’t hammer it with software updates crippling its usage?

      • Rowan09

        Who said anything about devs create new apps for an old OS? I can’t downgrade without rooting on my Note 2 so no every OS does not offer it. It streamlines things for devs. Devs continuously stop support for older OS and it makes sense for them to do so. You can keep an old app but with no support, just like Microsoft did with XP. When these people upgraded their devices they could have downgraded with the window but they didn’t so this is just nonsense regardless of the company.

      • The only fear of rooting is voiding warranty, you don’t get that after 2+ years. Besides, company’s like Sony, OnePlus and other OEMs officially support rooting, so yes you can officially downgrade the OS.

        “When these people upgraded their devices they could have downgraded with the window but they didn’t”

        You’re presuming they had the device when the window was open or they updated when the window was open. You do realize people have other things in life than keeping track of OS upgrades right? Also people are still selling used 4s online at this very moment. Someone could have bought the 4s with iOS 6-8 for example then iTunes shows some fancy but false message saying iOS 9 is available and it will be faster and adds new features, misleading the user to install it on their new device that was working fine without it. False advertisement is to be blame here.

      • Rowan09

        You made a misleading statement about everyone else allows downgrading and you cleared it up. You actually believe the people complain are new 4S customers for the most part? Come on man. To each his or her own sue for everything it’s the American way.

  • CaffeinePizza

    Another reason why I now use Google Nexus devices.

  • Brandon Higgins

    Where do I sign up? IPad 2 runs like crap now

  • NoFruitNoFlavor

    So people complained when Apple left out old devices with iOS software updates, and when they changed that policy, people are now suing because it runs slow…

  • madmaxmedia

    If Apple would allow selective OS downgrades for older devices, this problem would go away.

  • Eikast

    wow. The iPhone 4s was released on October 2010, that’s over 5 years ago and people are complaining and accusing Apple of “planned obsolescence”? The people suing are simply idiots. Mobile chips for tablets and cell phones have come a long away since late 2010 and it would be silly for companies like Google and Apple to hold back innovation due to old hardware. iPhones are made on a two year cycle (e.g. X, then Xs) assuming that users upgrade every 2-3 years.

    • Mukund Bhatla

      Then they shouldn’t support new updates on old devices. Simple.

    • First off, it’s from 2011 not 2010. Plus, Apple was still selling the 4s brand new in 2014 in developing nations.

      Second off, who gives a fck how old the hardware is? It ran fine with old OS, let users refresh/reinstall that old OS and keep using their device off warranty. Not everyone cares to have the latest device like you seem to.

      Finally, planned obsolescence is no innovation. Old hardware isn’t holding back Google nor Microsoft, in fact old hardware like the S1 (bit. ly/1HHPYJ2) and my 8 years old HP Pavilion Laptop (with Windows 10) is being supported their software just fine. There’s no reason why Apple can’t do that, they just don’t want to.

      • Eikast

        My bad, not sure why I thought October 2010. Yeah Apple was selling it in developing nations for low prices due to the demand for that price.

        Hardware is the fixed bottleneck of any device. Also when it comes to software optimization, companies such as Apple will chose to optimize their software for newer devices. Just because a company continues to support an older device doesn’t mean that they are optimized. With newer versions of iOS new things are implemented, old things are changed (e.g. security, optimizing for 64 bit chips, animations, etc.).

        Apple makes the majority of their money on newer devices on a yearly basis. Do you honestly think that Apple should instead stop focusing on newer devices and make old hardware a priority? If the main issue was the iPhone 6/6+ or the 5s I can understand the frustration but we are talking about the iPhone 4s that was released 4 years ago. As for having the latest device, having an iPhone that is 2 years recent isn’t about having the latest device. But the fact is that Apple makes a lot of their money off their latest devices, not 4 year old devices.

        Second of all, you sir do not know much about Google or Microsoft. First of all, most android OEMs do not support their devices (updates) after 1-1.5 years. As for Google, if I am not mistaken they last up to 3 years but are worse than Apple when it comes to keeping old devices fast in performance. As for Microsoft, LOL. You’re comparing a desktop OS for desktop/laptop hardware to a smart phone that was released 4 years ago. Desktop/Laptop technology does not progress anywhere near the progression rate of SoC. As for Microsoft phones, prior to the release of native Windows 8 phones, a lot of recent Microsoft phones (recent at that time) were announced to not get an update to Microsoft 8.

        TLDR: Become more educated on SoC vs Desktop/Laptop class chips. Also become more educated on Apple’s competitors. No one forces anyone to update. Apple doesn’t let people downgrade for obvious reasons.

      • “Also when it comes to software optimization, companies such as Apple will chose to optimize their software for newer devices. Just because a company continues to support an older device doesn’t mean that they are optimized. With newer versions of iOS new things are implemented, old things are changed (e.g. security, optimizing for 64 bit chips, animations, etc.).”

        They can optimize the software for newer devices all they want, simply leave previous gen devices to downgrade as they please to whatever OS they choose. There’s no reason they can’t do that.

        “Apple makes the majority of their money on newer devices on a yearly basis. Do you honestly think that Apple should instead stop focusing on newer devices and make old hardware a priority”

        Do you think Apple is made of 1 person? They have the least number of devices to worry about compared to any other device manufacturer. Simply have a team focus on updates for the newer devices and then another team work on OS for the older devices. Or focus the entire group on newer devices, then older devices. There’s different ways to manage a work group.

        “First of all, most android OEMs do not support their devices (updates) after 1-1.5 years”

        Neither do they need to, thanks to the way Google and OEMs have Android setup; similar to the Desktop Windows. As Google Services and Manufacturers Apps are disengaged from Core OS firmware, most system security/service/API updates are easily and continuously supplied through the Play Store, so devs can take advantage of most new features in their apps without breaking compatibility with past OSs.

        Regardless of that, when a manufacturer releases an OS update, they don’t stop you from downgrading if you don’t like it. Plus, if you so want the latest OS update, there’s third-party means of getting such, that’s how the Galaxy S1 now runs Lollipop (http://bit. ly/1HHPYJ2) and possibly Marshmallow soon, no force to buy a new device if you’re not ready.

        “You’re comparing a desktop OS for desktop/laptop hardware to a smart phone that was released 4 years ago”

        Lol, what do you think differentiates a desktop OS (bit. ly/1GlEgqh) from a mobile OS (bit. ly/18v2csf)? Hint, it has nothing to do with how versatile/feature-packed it is, Windows 8.1.1/10 Pro are both 2-in-1 OSs.
        Mobile soc are only progressing to catch up with desktop soc, so, not sure what your point is. There’s nothing wrong with the soc in the iPhone 4s. Heck iOS is nowhere near as advanced as Android, everything that’s new in iOS 9 have long been in Android devices, yet the even older soc in the Galaxy S1 runs Android lollipop fine, what makes the 4s incapable of running the less advanced iOS? Simply Apple’s pocket.

        TLDR: Take your own advice and get better educated on apple and the competition. Socs are no excuse for planned obsolescence updates. Apple restricts downgrades for the safety of their pockets.

  • Manuel Molina

    While 5 million is stupid, I definitely see that they have a case. And again, 5 million is stupid, but I do hope they win to maybe force Apple to adapt a downgrading system for older users or even users in general.

  • Marlos Saints

    Still using my iPhone 5 with iOS 8.1. Should I upgrade to iOS 9.2? Thanks for advice!

    • kespiritu

      Don’t update, its not a very good update. UI Lag is absolutely terrible.

  • Iskren Donev

    It’s a damned-if-you-do-damned-if-you-don’t situation I think. I mean, if Apple cut off support for A5-based devices (iPhone 4S, iPad 2, iPad Mini 1) I have a sneaky suspicion that the same people would be out with a 5 mil lawsuit claiming that Apple intentionally end-of-life’d their devices as part of a deviant scheme to get them to upgrade. I mean come on….

    That said, I don’t entirely disagree with the premise that older devices get slower and slower. But I come at it from another angle. It’s all about engineering resources. And those get allocated to the stuff that’s making the company money. In other words, the latest flagship devices get the most engineering love and everything else gets a back seat. So in that sense it’s true that older devices aren’t as well optimized as they could be.

    Written by an iPhone 4S user.

  • tariq

    This is Planned Obsolescence by a Apple. And all big industries use a crtain technique to make people upgrade. It just happens to happen that Apple got called out on it vs other people who dont. (Ex: school textbooks get “new edition” everytime. And it makes the older editions useless and students are forces to buy the 58th edition of some random textbook. But schools never got sued for that)

    • rockdude094

      But it doesn’t make your current existing textbook useless, where as your 700$ device is useless b/c you have no other option to update the OS if you decide to restore. The iPhone 4 would run just as fast as current iPhones if it was left on its original released OS. I just left my 5s on 8.3 and it’s perfectly smooth as if it was brand new. I wouldn’t count on apples claims of speed improvement.

      • Shinonuke

        You’re right. The old book is functional only if the professor allows it to be. If the professor were to give a specific problem that requires you to read xxx-xxx page of the new edition then you’re out of luck unless you have someone with the new edition. Tariq is right that Apple is the unfortunate company that got called out for the practice. Everyone cries about everything Apple does. Imagine if Apple charges $200 for OSX updates like the way Microsoft does, what would happen?

      • tariq

        Ik, my moms 4s is so slow i had to get her a new phone.. But it does make the existing book useless. I bought 8th edition book for my LA class and i couldnt do my assignments until i got the 9th. And yeah the book wasnt 700$ it was a 32$ rent but with 4 classes i spend almost 200$ on books that will soon have more editions and yeah

  • Luke

    YES. Finally. I’ve been waiting for this for forever. EVERY SINGLE UPDATE I noticed my older devices run slower and/or having lag. They do it on purpose. I recently bought an iPhone 6s Plus and it’s animations are choppy af. Unacceptable for the amount of $$$$ I paid for this device. Seriously? Not updating anything, and probably switching to a Google Nexus device sometime soon. It’s a game to them. Sick of it.

  • Dao Sasone

    Plain and simple apple. Allow users to downgrade and this will fix your problems.

  • Picapollo

    Apple needs to be responsible for this, I know there’s a lot of funboys over here that support Apple to the limit of life. This people will praise Apple like its Jesus but we all know that Apple has been slowing down iPhones, so they can sell more of the new devices iOS 9 promise speed but it has been the opposite. Apple should allow us to downgrade at least to iOS 7! we should all support this lawsuit….

  • fawaz badranii

    can confirm on iPhone 5,anyone else?

  • Sleetui

    iOS 6. The best iOS out there until Jobs was gone. Worked perfectly on every device. And now we have to deal with the crap iOS’s.

  • Tommy

    As much as I love apple, that’s actually the truth.

  • hopefully this will pressure apple into allowing downgrades to any iOS Firmware. Ridiculous that they don’t at this point.

  • Svs

    Finally. This is a very serious problem. Even allowing iOS downgrades would just be a temporary solution, apple need to improve iOS performance. In every major ios updates the performance got worse and worse the exact opposite for android.
    the iPad air runs horribly on ios 8 compared to ios 7 i sold it and bought the ipad air 2 right away not gonna update to ios 9 even if a jailbreak comes out. If apple really is doing this “planned obsolescence” then it’s definitely working

  • burge

    Your all forgetting this

    “Apple’s closed iOS ecosystem, the filing continues, discourages iPhone owners from switching platforms because they cannot use their iPhone apps and nontransferable media on a non-iOS device.”

    Same goes for android.. it’s not Apple it’s the Devs who don’t allow you to get the app on a different device with out paying again.

    There different operating systems so are not compatible with each other. But then again some people don’t under stand that.

    Sorry to say this is just people trying to make money from a company just because.

    Apple pushed the 4s to iOS9 when it should of left it with iOS8. Apple don’t make the device anymore so why should they support it.

  • Tommy

    i think ios 9 was only meant for 2 gb ram. let’s be honest here even on my iphone 6 ios 9 has small little things that are delayed and show lag, like the control center. I love seeing my friends iphone 6 thats still jailbroken on 8.4 and im jealous bc of how smooth it runs

  • Yujin

    5 million?that to Apple is what they make in a few seconds…there..they already made it.

  • Elias Chao

    My mom’s iPhone 5 runs quite good. Is not as fast a my 6 Plus, but it does have a good performance.

  • Digz

    ive been saying this since the iphone 4

  • Aris Nugroho

    iPhone 4S on iOS 7.1.2, best battery life & performance was there.

  • NotTodayThx

    it’s about time apples’ nefarious practices were brought into the courts, pity they can’t be brought to book for the multiple suicides (so many they have suicide nets around Foxconn factories) and “onsite” abortions at the same factories, it’s disgusting,
    Apple are elites and all you guys that think otherwise are just stuck in the matrix.
    yeah I have one of the phones, which may make me a hypocrite but I am fully aware.
    you guys that think they are great are so deluded it’s pointless even trying to educate you as the mantra is “keep them(john q, public) dumb enough to ask no questions and just clever enough to operate the machinery”

  • wilet

    Even on Cydia new tweaks for IOS 8 are rare now.

  • Charles222

    What a pile of nonsense. The iPhone 4S was released in September 2011. You know how many other 4-year-old phones are still receiving manufacturer updates at all? None. Even Google’s Nexus updates stopped this year at the Nexus 4, a younger phone than the 4S by a good year with more RAM and likely an equivalent/beefier processor.

    Apple should have just EOL’d the 4S on new versions of iOS and just provided a security update for it.

  • NotTodayThx

    about time apple were brought to book, pity there’s no recourse for the families of the Foxconn workers, the factories have suicide nets around then due to the amount of onsite suicides, and they do onsite abortions

    PS. staff why you delete posts? it’s part of apples business model to use modern day slave labor, truth hurts you I guess

  • iUser2012

    Apple does it always. Earliest model advertised never works fine with the iOS version it is claimed to be compatible. Wise move would be not to upgrade. However, when system crashes and restore is required, then iDevice becomes practically unbearable to use due to forced upgrade. It’s not a security precaution to force latest version, it is a planned obsolescence trick as mentioned in the article. Later versions of a major İOS release is more secure than a new major release, always and always…