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Episode 115: Will high-fidelity music matter? Apple trademarks new Beats Radio stations. A talk about some of the best apps, games, and accessories for Apple TV, iPhone, and iPad owners.

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  • JoeT

    Sebastian, are you serious about those quips for Apple in 2015 that you made at the 35 minute mark? I am not someone to question one’s design preferences and opinions, but making blanket statements like you did completely misses the mark for what Apple achieved this year. You should honestly listen (and read) a journalist like Rene Ritchie, who perfectly encapsulates the rationale for why Apple does what they do and the leaps and bounds Apple made across the board this year. I know you have your own site (and a family) to worry about, but put yourself out there to realize that not caveating your statements is detrimental to the listener base and somewhat ignorant. Saying the design of the battery case is bad is fine, but at least highlight the benefits, both hardware and software that it provides. Also, accusing Apple of intentionally withholding the Remote app is completely short-sighted. Do you honestly know what they have resources for and what they do not? In saying that, products need to ship for a variety of reasons, and while some are not fully baked, there is always inherent benefit to getting a product in the hands of the consumers so they can truly see what works and what doesn’t, as opposed to trying to figure out ALL the pain points from limited QA testing. Lastly, because you are experiencing problems with iOS 9 and OS X El Capitan, you say that the software is basically trash!?!?!? And you weren’t even challenged or countered on that notion.

    • Merman123

      Please tell us more of what you want Sebastien’s opinion to be.

      If you want Rene Ritchie, then read Rene Ritchie. That guy is great at finding excuses for Apple. I don’t blame him, he’s in a tighter group much closer to Apple, but that also makes his opinions biased and soft balls.

      I happen to agree with what Sebastien said and I know people who do as well. You’ve obviously not listened to the podcast enough to know that they basically dedicated half a podcast to the battery case already, where Jeff praises all the pros. It’s what the podcast is about. 3 people with different opinions talking about Apple.

      • JoeT

        I have listened to that episode, and the podcast in general for a couple of years. In response to your point, Sebastian would simply pause after a cogent point was made Jeff and somewhat disregard it by saying “I guess” or some other dismissive remake equivalent to saying it doesn’t matter. To be honest though, it doesn’t matter too much to me, and being off from work this week happens to give me more time to expand on my impressions of thr episode. In saying that, it just seems that his quibbles should be grounded in the reality of the situation. To say “Apple” the company is his biggest disappointment is biting the hand that feeds and contradictory to a point. I am all for criticizing a company so that it can continuely improve, but he (and the co-hosts) aren’t quick to call each other out with fervor. Plus, there was nary a mention of the state of things at this moment in time. It was a collection of topics that didn’t touch on the resolutions that fixed many of the issues raised. If you listen to podcasts like ATP (and Macbreak to an extent) you get the responses that matter in a timely fashion. Sometimes listening to Let’s Talk… I feel like the hosts are sleeping.

    • Hey Joe. The point of that part of the show (and a post to come about the best/worst of Apple in 2015) wasn’t to find excuses for Apple shortcomings. I’m well aware that Apple, like any other corporation, has limited resources, but again, the goal wasn’t to rationalize the “why” but to only share the “what.”

      Regarding the smart battery case, we did highlight the smarts of the case on last week’s (or possibly week before) episode. Again, I shared what I felt what some of the worst of Apple this year and the look of that case is definitely on the list. You can find all excuses you want for Apple but from a design standpoint, most will agree it’s just weird looking. Making excuses as to why it’s weird looking is almost beyond the point. The fact is it is funny looking. If you buy an ugly t-shirt, no matter how comfortable it may be, it’s still an ugly t-shirt.

      Regarding the remote, I don’t believe I intentionally accused Apple of withholding its release. If I did say that then it was clearly a mistake. My point was that, it was poor timing for the remote app to be released. Why didn’t they ship it at the same time of the new Apple TV? Why did they say someone like Jason Snell that the remote app wouldn’t be updated and then update it anyway several weeks later when they realized people were confused about that bad decision? This shows a terrible lack of focus, or maybe even worse, a complete disregard for what customers need to properly use a device (in this case I think we can all agree it really sucks typing in a long and complicated password on the dumb Apple TV keyboard on screen, no?).

      In your comment, you say “duct in the hands of the consumers so they can truly see what works and what doesn’t, as opposed to trying to figure out ALL the pain points from limited QA testing.” This is what I believe is called beta testing and unless you label it as such, then don’t throw these products out to the millions of customers you have all around the world. A consumer doesn’t want to help a company build a better product by being the Guinea pig. A consumer wants a working product. Period.

      Finally, I didn’t say OS X and iOS were trash. I don’t think I even came close to that. I just said that these both software were supposed to iron out a bunch of kinks from previous versions, and that didn’t happen. Oh and I didn’t even mention watchOS and tvOS which both have their fair share of issues.

      I’m hoping this comment will help clarify what I said on the podcast yesterday. If the verbiage I used there wasn’t always on point, I definitely stand behind my general idea that Apple itself was pretty sloppy in 2015.