iTunes Gift Card

Who wants free money? If you do, know there is currently a limited amount of iTunes gift card on eBay available at a 20% discount, effectively giving you free money. As of writing, you can score a $100 iTunes gift card for only $80. If you’re interested, act fast because these deals won’t last long.

These are physical gift cards shipped to you. I personally ordered two gift cards from this merchant earlier this month and both cards were delivered in 7 days.

The credit you receive will be added to your iTunes account and will then be available to use immediately to purchase apps, books, movies, music from iTunes. Even better, if you have an Apple Music subscription, you can use that money towards the cost of your monthly membership.

Although it can seem shady at first look, these gift cards are legit. I have purchased these in the past, so I can personally guarantee it’s a safe purchase. Again, this is free money, so there is no reason not to take it. Hurry!

Note this deal is only available in the US.

  • Juan Genao

    Yes, I’ve bought from these guys before. They run these specials about once a month. Pretty smooth, you get the code delivered via email almost within the hour.

  • mynanolife

    US residents only?

    • Yes, sorry i forgot to mention that. I updated the post accordingly

      • Creavite

        Well, that is pretty annoying. I use the US App Store even though I don’t live there, why is it critical for them that my PayPal shipping address is outside the US? 🙁

  • iamlynda

    do they ever have deals for Canadians?

  • AwkwardApple

    I no longer buy any music from Apple. I am protesting the company making 16 gig phones. If they want to be cheap on storage I will stream Spotify.

  • My bad. I updated the post.

  • diggitydang

    Would appreciate a “U.S. Only” in the title, instead of reading the whole post, only to find out it isn’t relevant to me.

  • Mark S

    Who are these ebayers that can afford to lose $20 per card? I’d be concerned I was purchasing stolen codes and then Apple would be banning me from their ecosystem. Pass.

    • There is nothing shady about that. This seller has sold thousands of gift cards of the months. I have personally bought several from that one seller too. If it was shady, you can be sure Apple would have shut them down in a jiffy.

    • iByron

      Less competition for me!

  • What would be the validity? Unlimited?

  • iByron

    Between Gift Card Mall, Best Buy, and PayPal Digital Gifts, there’s really no reason anyone should be paying full price for App Store and iTunes store purchases. Almost every month one of them is offering 15, 20, and sometimes even 25 percent off a $100 card (GCM and BB) or code (PPDG). It’s a great deal. I’m going to spend it anyway. Why not get a discount?

  • what about the validity ? Is it unlimited ? It’s may be only for 2015. Reply please.
    I also bought from “mygiftcardsupply” ,they gave me 10% discount.