Hyundai CarPlay (2015 Sonata)

The Detroit Free Press reported Monday that the automobile manufacturer Hyundai Motor Company will release CarPlay-enabled Sonata in the first quarter of 2016. Apple’s software platform for the car will require Sonata owners to “buy an SD card with new software” to access CarPlay features.

This sounds like an odd implementation of CarPay given that Hyundai already offers Google’s Android Auto software integration at no additional charge.

It appears that Hyundai has backtracked from its promise to add CarPlay functionality to the 2015 and 2016 Sonata midsize sedan models via a free firmware download.

“Hyundai and Apple are committed to delivering drivers the best possible experience while using CarPlay in their vehicles,” according to a written statement from Hyundai. “We are currently working together to complete CarPlay integration.”

It’s unclear from the company’s statement whether CarPlay will be compatible with the existing 2015 Sonata models, or if Hyundai is planning on bringing CarPlay to the rest of its 2016 lineup for that matter

Source: The Detroit Free Press

  • the hood

    Years ago when they brought out the i30 my partner test drove one with the salesman advising that you could plug in your ipod. Top stuff, upon delivery of car, the ipod wouldn’t connect with Apple’s 30pin plug, she was advised it only worked with Hyundai’s 30 pin plug and had to pay an ‘extra’ $55 for one. At least this time Hyundai advise of the extra cost. For a 20-30k value car hard to understand their tactic/mindset. Traded car following year and never looked at a Hundai since. Funny how a ‘small’ thing can sour one’s feelings.


      I’ve never really been attracted to Korean cars. I think the Kia Soul has a good design in its class but I’m Japanese cars all the way. Love my 2016 Mazda 6.

  • Scott

    Meh. I have CarPlay now in my 16 GTI. It was cool for about 3 minutes, haven’t used it since, phone is just paired via BT like before. If I wasn’t locked into Apple Maps while using CarPlay I might reconsider, but there’s no benefit and the car’s software handles everything else just as easily.

  • tariq

    I have a Hyundai 2010. It does not come with any features at all. 2004 lexus has better specs than mine lol. The fact that they trying to keep up with technology now kinda surprises me. And from personal experience, i do not and will never recommend anyone buying a korean car. That 100000 mile warranty is crap too btw.