Apple vs Samsung (Apple before and after iPhone)

Apple wants a Christmas present from Samsung in the form of an additional $180 million in supplemental damages (damages for infringements after the cutoff date of the jury trial), FOSS Patents reported this past weekend.

The iPhone maker on Christmas Eve filed a motion seeking the additional $180 million on top of the initial $548 million settlement that Samsung has agreed to pay to Apple (though a reimbursement may be demanded later).

“Samsung is not going to fork that money over without a fight,” author Florian Müeller wrote. “The amount seems high to me given that the products at issue in this case (the first litigation between the two companies) were already somewhat outdated by the time of the 2012 trial,” he continued.

Apple versus Samsung (Joy of Tech 001)

That being said, the move matches up with Apple’s strategy concerning its multi-year patent spat with Samsung as the company has been insistent that it’s entitled to damages over Samsung’s use of its patented inventions and designs.

Comic courtesy of Joy of Tech.

Source: FOSS Patents

  • Charlie

    Well we have to be fair, it’s not only Samsung who makes all their phones like iPhone after the launch, same for LG, HTC and many others.

    • craig

      see i like comments like this because it shows there’s the rare few who don’t just fanboy to 1 side, i think there can only be so many ways a phone can be made before companies need to design with similarities, so for looks there shouldn’t be a patent or grounds to sue, just for internal parts and software looks maybe.

    • Alejandro Delgado

      tbh the HTC A9, or whatever it was called, looks almost identical to the iPhone 6 with the exception of the camera being in the center

  • Buncha patent troll scumbags…they would just end up getting nothing in the end, unless of course like Zibreg, the court doesn’t give a fk that all the patents they’re suing for were stolen to begin with and have all been invalidated:

    “- ‘949 Patent, a.k.a. the “Steve Jobs patent” (bit. ly/1I5UYvp),

    – Bounce Scroll (bit. ly/1TMm0ID),

    – Pinch-to-Zoom (bit. ly/1O62SXP),

    – iPhone Design (bit. ly/1QIlMTy),

    – And more (bit. ly/1QIi0JQ)”