• borgqueenx

    not again…

    • I suggest skipping articles you are not interested in. This is what I generally do on the web, works for me like a charm…

      • But there is no need for these type of articles on here unless you’re doing it just for views.

      • We have made the editorial decision to cover deleting accounts with online services so that’s what we’re doing. iDownloadBlog isn’t just about jaibreaking, but about apps, tutorials and so forth.

      • Marcus

        You should want iDownloadBlog to put out some useful articles “just for views” because that way they’ll get more traffic. More traffic motivates the team to strive to do even better. This article is also very appropriate for the current time because Mailbox (Dropbox’s email client) recently announced that it is being shut down. I, for one, will probably end up deleting my Dropbox account sometime soon.

      • Jiggahmy Ninja

        I don’t understand what you mean. Can you post a tutorial for it?

  • Morgan Freeman

    It would be funny if that site required registering!

  • Jack Wong

    hmm interesting, I have retired Dropbox and moved to iCloud and going to try Synology Cloud next.

  • Do shared links still work? Or are you files completely deleted?

  • Bugs Bunnay

    I’d like to see an article on how to delete my box account. There are no instructions and has me baffled! Oh woe is me!