iOS 9 adoption rate 71 percent

According to fresh new stats from Apple’s App Store dashboard for developers, iOS 9 is now powering 71 percent of iPhone, iPod touch and iPad devices in active use, a one-percentage point gain versus the 70 percent milestone recorded two weeks ago.

iOS 8 continues declining as a result, dropping from 22 percent two weeks ago to 21 percent of iOS hardware as of yesterday, indicating that much of iOS 9’s growth in the 14-day period came from users upgrading to iOS 8 and new iPhone buyers.

Earlier versions of iOS, meaning iOS 7 and older, continue to make up eight percent of active devices in the wild. A month ago, iOS 9 was detected on 67 percent of devices, indicating that adoption of Apple’s latest and greatest operating system may be slowing a bit ahead of the crucial holiday season.

According to Google’s own dashboard for Android developers, Android 6.0 Marshmallow was powering 0.5 percent of active Android smartphones and tablets in the wild, as captured in the Play Store access logs during a 7-day period ending on December 7, 2015.

Android adoption rate 12072015 image 001

Android Marshmallow has been available for a little more than two months now. If you put together Android Marshmallow, Lollipop and KitKat editions, these three accounted for 66.6 percent of Android 2.2 and later hardware, excluding devices sold in China and elsewhere that don’t ship preloaded with Google’s services and Play Store.

Source: Apple

  • Rowan09

    There’s absolutely no good reason to stay on IOS 8 anymore.

    • Vinnie

      Or if you’re like me, missed the window and now if you want a JB you must stay with 8.4

      I purposely held off since the author of a tweak I like said he wasn’t planning on supporting iOS9. Now someone else has come out with a similar tweak and I’m kicking myself for not going to 9 when I had the chance.

      I now have an apple watch and have a hard choice, stay JB’d or upgrade and use the watch.

      • Rowan09

        Sorry bro.

      • Kyle

        What. You have an Apple Watch lying around and you won’t use it just because of the jailbreak? I mean I loved jailbreaks for 4 years but recently I had to update and now I can happily use beta software on my main driver too. And to my big surprise, I hardly miss the jailbreak any more, which I thought was impossible just weeks ago.

      • Vinnie

        I literally got the watch last night, a surprise gift. I’m hemming and hawing about losing the jailbreak to use it, yes.

        There have been times in the last 2 years where I was without a jailbreak and I really hated it. iOS is so bland and boring without one.

      • Kyle

        Okaaay now I get it. I thought you bought it lol. That’s a game changer though so decide on your own.
        But I understand your point. Thats the way I thought previously too (in summer 2013, had to restore, used 7.0 betas and every day I waited for jb) but iOS has evolved much. But I don’t know how much you use your jailbreak so it’s you decision 😉

      • Vinnie

        I took the plunge, upgraded to iOS 9.1 (still being signed, can always go to 9.2 if the JB comes out for that).

        LOVING the watch, hating non JB iOS. I also find iOS 9.1 very laggy running on iPhone 6.

      • Kyle

        9.2 is running smoother on my 6 than 9.1…

      • Jayy

        Now that’s a dilemma, I’m with you iOS is boring and disorganized without a jailbreak, but I’d be highly tempted to restore just to use the watch! I’d probably wait though!

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  • Benedict

    Like every month questioned, what is the use of comparing iOS to Android version distribution?

    • Dan

      Hoping to generate android hate most likely. More flame = more clicks.

  • Benedict

    71% is not too good for iOS I guess..!?

    • Guy

      It’s pretty good compare to others

      • Benedict

        That wasn’t the question.

    • Rowan09

      Some people don’t update or can’t due to space, but 71% is good as stated, since good is defined by the competition mostly.

  • 919263

    71% is not by choice, it is forced as the developers stop supporting the older versions.