Bestek DC Splitter

Some cars have just one power outlet (aka cigarette lighter) to be shared amongst all gadget-using travelers. There are multi-USB adapters that help spread the wealth, but it would be even better if there were two power outlets.

Bestek makes an adapter that splits into two DC power outlets and provides two USB ports for all your charging needs. If you add something like the EleckeyTM or the reVOLT, then you’re talking six charges at a time.

The splitter has 150 watts of power with an input and output of 12/24 volts. The USB ports provide 2.1 amps per port. The company notes that you should only use one USB port at a time if you are juicing up an iPad.

The ports glow from the blue internal lighting system whenever the splitter is plugged in, which makes it easier for you to find the outlets in the dark.

It also has a two-foot cable, so you can drag it into the back seat to let the kids charge up their video game systems.

This dual socket, two USB port splitter is highly rated on Amazon with 4.5 stars across more than 1,500 reviews. You can pick one up today for $15. If two DC sockets and two USB ports are not enough for your growing family, there is also a three DC socket and four USB port splitter from the same company for $20.

  • Brandon

    is this sponsored???

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      I think they put a [sponsored] tag in the title if its sponsored.

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      South Park – Sponsored Content?

    • No it’s not. Here is a list of our sponsored posts. They are all properly tagged to make it clear

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      Yes, even though they don’t say it is.

  • ready1take1

    i’ve had this for a few months now….i recommend it.

  • Bugs Bunnay

    This is… Revolutionary!

    • @dongiuj

      This type of thing has… Been out for a couple of years!

  • Morgan Freeman

    Blue LED’s are horrible in the car at night. As are blue tinted screens with brightness on high. I cannot imagine how all the people I see with these blinding gadgets can even see other motorists. Oh, that’s right, they just don’t care regardless. Always in their own little bubble, looking about three feet ahead of the car at the road. Never looking around, never paying attention. Then wondering why they crash and always blaming someone else.

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