Anker PowerPort 6

This holiday, Santa may place a few iPhone and iPad handsets under your Christmas tree. You might end up with too many devices that require a high-power charge and not enough plugs in the house for all of them.

Anker’s PowerPort 6 produces 60 watts of power at one time so you can charge all of your iOS devices without slowing down the process. Now your wall plugs can be freed up for other electronic gifts that Santa has left for you.

This particular multi-port charger has six USB ports so you can charge up to six devices at once. It puts out 12 amps total. The iPhone 6s is capable of charging at 2.1 amps, so you could potentially charge six of them with only a slight slow down in the speed of the charge.

It also supports PowerIQ, which identifies which device is plugged in and charges it accordingly (tablets and smartphones, for example). It has an output current limiter and stabilizer, as well as a surge protector and temperature control.

If you have an outdated or weak cable, the VoltageBoost feature will actually notice the drop in speed and give you a jolt of extra juice to ensure your device charges to its fullest potential.

The Anker PowerPoint 6 has a remarkably high rating on Amazon at four stars across nearly 3,000 reviews. It is available for $36. There is also a 10-port model for $100 if you need the extra ports in your household.

  • Redha

    Bought the one with 10 ports for only $ 39.99 in Black Friday .. Very useful

  • mahe

    I have two, perfect for traveling and at home 🙂

  • ProllyWild

    Not gonna lie. This is my savior lol. This was the unit that helped eliminate the need for a laptop. In one charger you could charge your iPad, iPhone, magic keyboard, external battery and still have two ports left for whatever. Very solid accessory.

  • stylesbeyond

    I’ve had this months you’re late on the news i also have the 10 port usb

    • I’ve had one for months as well. Couldn’t live without it!

  • Phil Gamboa

    I use this and their 10 port. Been working fabulously.