Microsoft Outlook is one of the finest email clients available for iOS, and this evening, it received an update for iOS 9 that brings 3D Touch support to the iPhone 6s. By using 3D Touch on the Outlook app icon, you can quickly view your calendar, or compose a new event or email directly.

With the demise of Mailbox, I’m aware that a lot of you will be looking for a new email client to call home. I know that lots of people have been raving about Spark, and rightfully so. But I think you should give Outlook a chance as well.

Microsoft has done a good job with implementing the basics, so features like push notifications, tightly integrated access to cloud storage providers, and support for multiple email providers, including iCloud email, make the cut.

What really makes Outlook good is that it’s a universal app that works with both the iPhone and the iPad. The app has even been optimized to work great on the iPad Pro, which is something most email clients can’t claim. It’s one of my must-try iPad Pro apps in this early stage of the super-sized tablet’s life.

Also, the whole issue with printing directly from an email thread has been resolved in this latest update. As of version 2.0.8, which comes in as a 48.8 MB download, you can now print any message or conversation from the email view.


Lastly, Outlook features solid support for the Apple Watch, so that you can read full emails, reply, archive, and perform more email management duties right from your wrist.

Outlook for iOS is a free app, and since Microsoft is backing it, you know there’s no chance that it’s going away like Mailbox or Sparrow before it. Outlook is here to stay, and that’s one reason why I’ve seriously considered making it the permanent home of all of my email.

  • Merman123

    It keeps getting better and better!

  • Jon K

    Outlook is a good app, and was my go to for a while, but they are still behind Spark. You can’t even do HTML signatures in Outlook yet, a very key to business email. It’s just odd. Spark already has peek and pop in emails and attachments, and now notifications for snoozed emails. It’s just much better thought out and devs update is far more regularly

    • Merman123

      Spark formats my emails weirdly.

    • MaybeYes

      Not true, it depends on how your business email is setup. Microsoft Outlook in of itself is not geared towards businesses, Microsoft Exchange is. We use HTML signatures and the app utilizes them just fine. One thing I noticed about Spark is there’s the delay in receiving emails.

  • ericesque

    Or at least if Microsoft does decide to take the Outlook app away, if enough users complain loudly, Microsoft will probably bring it back…

  • Does it Matter?

    I dont understand the need for having background app refresh for Spark in order to see badges. None of the other apps have this kind of a hard requirement. Beats me!

    • Shaw

      Yes. That’s unusual. I used Flex to solve this problem after JailBreak.

      • Does it Matter?

        Do you mind sharing how you managed that? I have never used flex.
        P.S. I’m jaikbroken too.

      • Shaw

        Get Flex2 installed and then go into the Cloud section, find Spark from the installed App List, you will see a patch named ‘Spark Background Trick’. This patch will do the job.

      • Does it Matter?

        Perfect! Thanks for this tip

  • 5723alex .

    Who in his right mind installs anything Microsoft on an iOS device ?

    • Shaw

      At least Outlook is way better than stock Mail APP

      • igorsky

        “At least Outlook is way better than stock Mail APP, in my opinion.”


    • Vitaliy Anonymous

      Non-fanboys do, who actually think logically. I am actually one of those few people that really likes using iTunes on a Windows PC (considering that it would be nice if it was faster), while synching my music to my Note 3.
      I personally don’t bash on any company, but I really dislike when people become fanboys of one company (while being paid nothing for advertising/defending it).

  • Noah P

    did they add the ability to pop out the email when in landscape on the 6s plus? I had been using it for a while but it became very bothersome trying to read emails in landscape mode.

  • Alex Graham

    The iPhone and Apple Watch app is great and surprisingly the Mac app is really good too