Auxo 3 iOS 9 Featured

Auxo 3 for iOS 9 is, as we stated in our previous release post, is a brand new jailbreak package for iOS 9. Although the tweak shares a lot of similarities with the previous version of Auxo 3 for iOS 8, this package has been rebuilt completely from the ground up with iOS 9 in mind.

A lot of people are ragging on A3tweaks for charging an upgrade price for the iOS 9 release, and while I can understand that frustration, you also have to try to see it from the shoes of the developer behind the project. This wasn’t a matter of changing a few lines of code and shipping an update in an effort to nickel and dime customers. No, considerable effort had to be exerted to make Auxo 3 for iOS 9 work, hence the delay in providing an update.

Granted, that may not be enough solace for previous Auxo 3 customers, especially when you consider that one of the tweak’s pillar features is unstable and buggy. Watch our video review inside for more details.

As I broke down in my original in-depth Auxo 3 review, the tweak is based upon three key pillars, the Multi-Center, Quick Switcher, and Hot Corners. Two out of three of these features work well, while one is borderline unusable on my iPhone 6 Plus.

The redesigned Multi-Center has been updated with iOS 9’s new App Switcher in mind. It’s a pretty significant departure from Auxo 3 for iOS 8, but that’s to be expected given Apple’s core changes to the App Switcher in iOS 9. Some people aren’t going to like the new standalone Multi-Center card at first, but I got used to it after a while. It does seem to require more precise touches, and in the case of the sliders, requires tap and hold to activate.


The Hot Corners, which allow you to quickly get back to the Home screen and lock the iPhone, work pretty much exactly like they did in previous iterations of Auxo 3.

The big question mark with this release has to do with the Quick Switcher. It’s extremely buggy, and to be honest, I’m surprised it shipped in the state that it’s in. My iPhone 6 Plus is slower than my iPhone 6s, true, but it’s not exactly a slug in the performance department. It’s disappointing that the Quick Switcher, one of my favorite features of Auxo 3, performs so poorly in this release.

I understand that Auxo 3 is technically a 1.0 release, but for a tweak of this caliber, I don’t think it should have dropped until it was absolutely ready. When only two out of the three key pillars are ready for prime time, it’s hard to make an argument for the tweak’s readiness.

All of that said, Qusic, the man responsible for Auxo 3’s iOS 9 update, is a great developer, so I have no doubt that he can get the issues under control.

Auxo 3 is a solid tweak, and would totally be worth the modest upgrade price if it worked as advertised. I don’t blame A3tweaks for asking for upgrade pricing when looking at the scope of the project, but I’d only expect such a request for a tweak that worked well on day one.

What do you think about Auxo 3 for iOS 9?

  • Elias Chao

    I wouldn’t mind pay for the upgrade, because I know it takes a lot of effort to update a tweak, but they have one of the worst support in the community.

  • Chris

    Merging CC into a switcher card is just stupid, from a user experience perspective; it making using multi-centre very jarring since you have to go all the way to the end card just to use CC.

    I can’t wait until Seng returns.

    • Brandon

      that plus the fact the controls i always use from cc are now on the top and even harder to get to with my thumb? rip.

      • ready1take1

        it was a deal breaker for me. In Auxo 2 it had all the CC settings at the bottom of the app switcher cards. That’s what Lylac has done, I tried it and am very pleased.

    • Damian

      Agreed , never used auxo for this reason only, I love having control center separate, and having it separate makes total sense. When I want to skip some song I don’t want to see my task switcher , waste of screen space

    • Diego

      Can`t agree more, it is very stupid. Why don`t they let it as the way it was before?

    • Try Lylac, works great and it isn’t as buggy as Auxo or Seng.

      • Chris

        I have, and the lack of support for FlipControlCenter along with CCControls has turned me away.

        On top of that, the swipe to switch between the toggles and music controls doesn’t work a lot of the time.

      • I use CCSettings and it woks fine. As you noticed the music controls have issues but i did not use them.

  • James Bond

    Judge Jeff ! Fore Me Tage>= Auxo. New Tage beta is ridiculous. Ma Jun rocking since first tage release. He is/will never charge for updates in any of his tweaks. Tage is best multitasking tweak ever made. And it is so well designed and simple too. ALE and CC Quick Pro are also good.

    • Damian

      The funny thing is Tage was available for years under a different tweak name called QuickDo, however Jeff purposely ignored this excellent tweak until Tage became a lite version of QuickDo. In others words some users have been rocking Tage for many years already

      • Shaw

        For me. QuickDo beats Activator. I understand Jeff never speak of QD because of Activator and Ryan Petrich.

      • Skyline83

        Petrich… Is so useless, he won’t update his tweaks and will never pay attention to feedback, biolockdown didn’t recognize fingerprints after reboot for whole duration of iOS 8 and not sure 9 cause I stopped using it…

  • James Bond

    Stand Alone Card For Control Centre is great idea but they should put an options for old design too. I think tweak just needs THE MAGIC TOUCH OF SENTRY and it’s done.

    • Shay Shtern

      How can we get them ?
      They just like never respond to mails !!

      • James Bond

        If you aren’t satisfied with Auxo than you must try Tage! It is the reason behind multitasking qualities of me
        –James Bond.

  • (JailbreakQA) King Shoot

    I was so excited when I read the title, but as soon as I saw the MultiCenter card and read about it I was disapointed. One of the main reasons I got both Auxo 2 and 3 (on iOS 8) was because of the MultiCenter, where I could scroll through my App Swither and have my Control Center toggles present no matter where I was. This Auxo takes that away. Not going to get it.

  • Levent Korkmaz

    Auxo is getting worse day by day. Is miss the original auxo. Good old times

  • JAY Ji

    I’ve paid for the update, but for now I’m not using it. The only problem annoying me is that multi-center is just hard to use. Two other functions worked greatly as in Auxo 2 and I love them very much, but the idea to put CC into a standalone card is far from making the CC and app switcher easier and faster to use. I cannot see CC and apps both clearly on same screen without swiping, but that’s the point I love about Auxo 2 in the old days. Actually after I tried several times to use the CC page, I turned back to use Ryan Petrich’s Auxo Legacy Edition. Hope A3 could make a option or totally change this design… although not much likely

  • Kurolow1000

    everyone ignoring me when i want to buy this tweak…got frowny pants problem since jailbreak, already pm the a3tweak, saurik…got no reply…i think pirates tweak is an option…

  • Eddie Melendez

    I don’t mind paying for the upgrade if you now the put heart and soul to make this work but this new #Auxo3 is pure shit! It’s ugly as hell and don’t play nice with a lot of tweak! Seng was better than this! Hell #AuxoLegacy it’s much better than this

  • socrates

    When I upgraded my iPhone 6 to the iPhone 6s this past Autumn, my favorite thing about it was the usability of 3D Touch, and invoking the app switcher with it. No buttons need be pressed.

    It immediately made me realize that I had no use for Auxo any longer, as over the years, Auxo has become more of a way to use gestures to switch apps.

    That being said, the developers obviously took the new 3D Touch features into consideration while implementing the new Auxo 3.

    Personally, I have set Multi Center to open to Control Center, not the app switcher, because 3D Touch opens the app switcher for me. I’ve also turned off the Quick Switcher entirely because I see no use in it’s redundancy.

    • The Fluffy Alpaca

      But then I don’t really see why you need Auxo? Besides swipe to close an app/lock device, there is no other features.

      • socrates

        I personally enjoy having Control Center as a page in the app switcher. For me, it makes iOS seem more uniform.

        I also find the right hot corner useful.

  • The Fluffy Alpaca

    I don’t understand why he made the multi-center into a card? In my opinion, it just destroys the whole function of it: a quick and easy way to access toggles and controls. This takes LONGER time and is too cumbersome. I don’t see myself using Auxo on iOS 9 in it’s current state.

    • Jayy

      Exactly! I agree 100%

  • Chris Tangler

    seems like a lot of work and over complicates things. is it that hard to double tap your home button. or even better, use tage to activate the app switcher. plus, it’s a lot cheaper to use Tage!!

  • throttle clutch e brake

    clearly buggyy… lol

  • Alex Graham

    Auxo Legacy Edition is good enough for me. The app switcher is much better than the stock iOS9 one is

    • Then you haven’t tried Tage I see…

      • Alex Graham

        tried it. too complicated. have a 5s. auxo legacy edition only takes up a small screen area. works for me.

  • Diego

    Why do they don’t let the Multi-Center as was before, with the multitask, and not in another page. This is very bad

  • MaRz Franco

    I find it better to use the Auxo3 AuxoLegacy setup. Just install both and disable Auxo3. Inside Auxo3 settings, Enable Hot Corners. Now you have the awesome Hot Corners in AuxoLegacy 🙂

  • Thomas Braun

    hate it. Caused my iPhone 5 to be unable to turn on and I was forced to lose my Jailbreak.

  • KingArt

    Not buying this Auxo for the third time. Not because I mind paying for new version which takes time to work on. It’s that the previous Auxos were buggy, often leads to springboard crashes. And their tech support is horrible.

    Try Lylac. It’s very similar and haven’t crashed on me once.

  • Shaw

    Why so many people ignore another much much better and more responsive tweak— Tage? It works smoothly and fixed bugs quickly once reported to the Dev. Also free update.

  • Tommy Cusack

    I’m confused. I had auxo for iOS 8 than auxo legacy came out last month and I got that thinking it was the new auxo. Now they want .99 for auxo for iOS 9?

  • jaimem17

    Why did they change the CC to a card? The reason I loved Auxo was because you could merge CC and App switcher into one single page… Not getting this one

  • mav3rick

    Take CC, stick it on an App Card, boom new Auxo. And charge 4th time for the same tweak.

    Finally a tone down to reality review A3 tweak. Auxo original was the real multitasking top tweak. From there it just went down the slope.

    Looking for seng soon to be released review.