Auxo 3 Album Artwork

Auxo 3 has been released for iOS 9 as a brand new package. The popular multitasking tweak has been rewritten for iOS 9, and as such, A3tweaks has pushed it as a separate package and not a direct upgrade from the previous version of Auxo 3.

The good news is that upgrade pricing applies, so if you purchased previous versions of Auxo, you get a discount. Previous Auxo 3 users get Auxo 3 for iOS 9 for only $0.99. If you purchased Auxo 2 in the past, then Auxo 3 for iOS 9 is $1.99 instead of $2.99.

Of course, we reviewed Auxo 3 in depth last year, and it was met with a positive response. I enjoyed the Multi-Center and Quick Switcher, as well as the handy Hot Corners.

Of all of the features found in Auxo 3, the Quick Switcher is one of my favorites, because it allows you to quickly switch to recently used apps using one fluid swiping motion.

True, Auxo 3 doesn’t bring many significant new features to the table, but developer Qusic worked long and hard in order to make the tweak compatible with iOS 9. This required significant code changes, and the tweak was pretty much taken back to the drawing board and rebuilt again.

Will you purchase Auxo 3 for iOS 9? Sound off in the comments with your thoughts on the update.

  • Merman123

    One word : Tage.

    • Uncle Bob

      Tage causes constant crashes and reboots for me, 6S iOS 9.0. Disabled it.

      • ready1take1

        Have you tried Lylac?

      • Uncle Bob

        Yes, I got that at the same time as Tage. Not ideal, but something. I don;t like the way their Control Settings takes over my CCSettings though so can’t run that part.

      • XZavier

        have you tried any of the recent updates? works perfectly fine for me. iPhone 5s iOS 9.0.2

      • Uncle Bob

        Re-enabled it, hasn’t crashed so far n the last day. It was crashing constantly prior.

    • Exactly! They even issue updates for their tweaks! Lol
      I won’t ever get burned again by wasting another penny on A3Tweaks. They’re only in it for the money and won’t issue maybe more than 2-3 updates during the entire iOS 9 lifespan. That’s if they even issue any!
      I can’t support lazy developers that don’t respond to their users’ issues and just put out a tweak that might run properly if you’re lucky.

      • Anonymous

        A3tweaks are sold but tour right they dont issue many updates. Ive since just use activator to access the multicenter and keep the stock cc.

  • Does it still have the lag?

    • Dan clark

      No it woks fine for me. (They updated it recently.)

  • Levent Korkmaz

    when i try to use auxo it crashes to safe mode. multicenter, appswitcher or quickswitcher doesnt matter it crashes. anyone else?

  • Wood1030

    I’m annoyed and fed up, honestly, by the utter price gouging of the Auxo developers by charging the so called “upgrade fee” for an upgrade that wasn’t even hardly useful for the last “so called” upgrade.
    I’m done with Auxo.

    • 9to5Slavery

      How can they earn a living ?

      • Wood1030

        I’m sure they’re doing reasonably well enough. They won’t need my money to survive. lol

      • Wood1030

        And btw…I’ve payed for the first 3 iterations of the app. Paying again, a fourth time, I think is just an insult (is sucker written on my forehead?) to those that have supported them too much already.
        I don’t think so.

      • Merman123

        Same here, especially with how broken it was/is on iOS 8.

        Not again.

      • Tyler Clements

        Well, for one, they can earn a living by properly updating and supporting things that they charge money for.

      • Swanny246

        Who says that this is their full time job? Unless you’re a full time security researcher like the Pangu team is, relying off jailbreak is a bad business model.

      • 9to5Slavery

        Some have it as a full time job as developers. Who says it’s not? Why sacrifice the valuable time for a full time job when you’re good at what you’re doing in an entrepreneurial way?

    • Tyler Clements

      Yeah, I only got to use Auxo 3 for about a month before I had to restore my phone. Kinda pissed I have to pay again for a product that I barely got to use… Especially since I have no guarantee it will be kept up to date. Something tells me if I buy this, l’m going to have the same experience I did on iOS 8.

      Vote with your wallet, people.

    • kings121

      Same for pwntunes developers every time they updates it we’ve to buy it all over again

      • Damian

        You don’t have to, just don’t

    • They’re some worthless pieces of sh.. for sure!

  • Angel

    I just download it. They made a big change, and it’s the settings pannel it’s now a card like any other app. Auxo has been always good but i don’t like that at all. Hopefully they will fixe it later!

    • Alberto Espinal

      Yea, They put the control center in a card! I personally don’t like that, I liked it the way it was before, all the toggles at the bottom and AirPlay and AirDrop on top!

      • Lucus Bendzsa

        They need to make it an option at least

    • Jayy

      Yeah that card thing made me delete th tweak off my phone. I’ll redownload once they make it look like it did before!

      • Angel

        Everybody that commented was right. And it’s funny cause that exactly what I did. Hopefully i’m going to install it later when they add more options or fix the settings card.

  • Linton Findlay

    Redicullous upgrade fees

  • socrates

    I purchased Auxo 2 and Auxo 3, (iOS 8), but Cydia is still trying to charge me the price of $1.99 for upgrading from Auxo 2. Advice?

    • Wood1030

      Don’t buy it is my advice.

    • Bosco

      Ah oops. Didn’t see your post. Same issue here.

    • Mads Teland

      It looks like this is iOS 9 version that you have to upgrade from iOS 8 version, but it’s same Auxo 3.

      • socrates

        I see that.

        My problem is, having purchased the Auxo 3, (iOS 8), version, I should be getting the price of $0.99.

        Yet I’m only seeing the price of $1.99, that users of Auxo 2 get.

      • Mads Teland

        Ok, i do see that another places that should say 0.99 $.

    • Alberto Espinal

      Mine said 99cents, that’s weird, did they changed the price?

      • socrates

        I don’t think the price was changed. It still only sees me as upgrading from Auxo 2, not Auxo 3, (iOS 8).

        Did you also purchase Auxo 2? Or only Auxo 3?

      • Alberto Espinal

        Yes I purchased Auxo 2 and 3!

  • Bosco

    Hmmm. The upgrade fee for me is $1.99. However, I’ve purchased every version of Auxo. Anyone else see this?

  • Blip dude

    Wow!!!!! *sigh* well, let’s see if it even gets updated with the upcoming Jailbreak. I’m stuck with this tweak until a True Alternative comes out for the iPad. Didn’t even updated it to work with iOS 8.3/8.4 so I expect the same to happen here.

  • h4nd0fg0d

    Funny stuff, that’s most certainly not the released Auxo 3 in the vid. Seriously, iDB? Fail

    • Norbi Whitney

      “Of course, we reviewed Auxo 3 in depth last year…”
      Followed by video.

      iDB often uses old video to get across the concept of a tweak which just been updated, instead of making a whole new 13 minute video repeating the same stuff.

    • ZMan82

      I’d have to agree with this.

      The concept of the tweak is completely different from last year.

      The main photo for this thread is misleading too as the new Auxo does not have the circular controls for brightness or volume

  • Curi0sityC0w

    So they expect me to pay for an upgrade that’s almost a year late? No thank you. Tage for life.

  • ZMan82

    The control centre is now just an extra card in the app switcher and I don’t like it.

    It’s hard to adjust the brightness without swiping to the next page.

    The old layout with the CC in the top and bottom and old switcher style in the middle is much better.

    • Jayy

      Yeah that card thing is dumb! Why is Auxo 2 on my iPhone 4 better than Auxo 3 on my iPhone 6S plus. Very disappointed!

  • ready1take1

    I went back to Lylac. I don’t like how Auxo includes the CC settings as a card. It makes changing toggles pretty difficult since they’re so small and you have to slide all the way over to the right to get to it. In previous versions Auxo would include the CC at the bottom of the app switcher, that’s what Lylac does.

    • ZMan82

      I like how Lylac lets you choose between the app switcher style between iOS9 or iOS 7/8.

  • $@//

    How do you get Tage as I can see it in Cydia but can’t install it.

    Where Seng mannnnn come on!

  • Romi

    Paid 1$, installed on my iPad air 2 as cydia would suggest it is compatible, systematic Safe Mode when swiping up from bottom, crying over my 1$.

  • Ángel Javier Esquivel

    I started using it in older devices, in it’s cracked versions, now, that I have a better phone and money, I purchased it, and I love it 🙂

  • guitahero

    Is it ipad compatible?

  • iltas

    Better stay on Tage
    After installing Auxo 3 it cause safe mod
    Crash reporter notify Tage dylib switcher effect

  • leart

    I purchased if i remember well auxo for ios 6, and got ios 7 for free, at least for those two versions they failed to push a final version that “works”, they failed even on ios 6, damn , on ios 6 everything works, tons of tweaks except auxo …. disappointing.. the only thing i appreciate from them is the design..

  • Bosco

    Rad. I might just drop the money to support QusicS/Couria. It is free and fills the biteSMS void.

    • socrates

      I dropped the $1.99 after realizing Saurik won’t respond. No big deal to me.

      On the other hand, haven’t used BiteSMS since QR was made native.

      • Bosco

        I can’t imagine what his inbox must look like. Oh really? So you don’t even use Couria?

      • socrates

        I have no reason to use a tweak to accomplish what iOS can already do natively. What other features does Couria have?

  • Remy Wan

    crash on iPad Air 2 IOS 9.0.2

  • Fabien Roché

    Crashes all the time on my iPhone 4S and iPad. Uninstalled it from those.
    Works fine on my iPhone 5.