Ryan Petrich has released a brand new update to Activator on his popular beta repo. The update, which brings Activator to version 1.9.8 beta 1, adds several new features and improvements to the staple jailbreak tweak. The update brings improved scrolling in the tweak’s preference panel, a clear app switcher action, and other handy new features.


One of the new Activator actions

Activator 1.9.8 beta 1 change log:

  • Make mail/message/phone actions show assigned contact photo
  • Have multi-touch events cancel touch events by default on iOS 9
  • Add clear switcher action on iOS 9
  • Add force touch screen left and screen right events
  • Improve scrolling performance in settings pane

To update to this latest version of Activator, you’ll need to make sure that you have Ryan’s beta repo installed inside of Cydia. To do so, simply do the following:

Step 1: Open Cydia

Step 2: Tap Sources → Edit → Add, and type the following:

Step 3: Tap Add Source

Once Ryan’s beta repo has been added, just refresh Cydia or perform a search for Activator, and you should see the latest version, 1.9.8 beta 1.

Just a side note: the clear App Switcher is just that, it clears the App Switcher, but doesn’t actually kill any of the apps that are displayed in the App Switcher. Don’t get it confused with a “kill all apps” sort of function.

What do you think about the latest beta?

  • Wood1030

    r dot petri dot ch is a developer that i can honestly say, thank you and i support.

    Maybe the the most important dev on the IPhone scene!

    AND…one that doesn’t try to rob you blind…cough….cough…Auxo…cough.

  • rokemz

    I wish that he makes an update to display-out to iOS 9,that Among the best tweaks he ever made

  • Daniel Millien

    Every time I install activator I can’t open a lot of apps and cydia, why is this? All the other tweaks I don’t have any problems with just activator

    • mustafa salim

      The same here

  • cdlenfert

    Why would one want to clear app switcher apps without killing the app process themselves?

  • Satyam Panchal

    I wish they release beta version of jailbreak tool for iOS 9.2 :p so we can test it :p like app n iOS

    • Nico Jan

      …and let Apple patch it before the official release?

  • So does Activator still cause constant issues on the 6s? I have been avoiding Activator like the plague as it has caused nonstop crashes anytime I have attempted to install it.
    Not worth the risk of losing my jailbreak at this point. Maybe when the new jailbreak is released and I restore my iPhone I’ll give it a try again.

    • Skoven

      I have no problems with activator on my 6s. The “discreet” activator ad-on keeps crashing on my 6s but not on my 5 though (both on iOS 9.0.2) – but that’s hardly activator’s fault.

    • Rick Hart

      Remove adblocker. That what I had to do to get activator to work

  • J. Rockwell

    People actually have trouble with activator?

    I have never had a jailbreak without it.

  • Rick Hart

    Does it work with adblocker?