Your Mac is not a snowflake – each Apple device is not an entirely unique design unto itself. But when customizing your system, the variety of application and program options to tailor your computing experience is downright staggering. That’s why we’ve put together the Create Your Mac Bundle, offering iDB readers the chance to mix and match from 31 top-rated apps to assemble your ideal 10-app bundle, all for just $19.99.

Get the apps you need and skip the ones you don’t with this Mac bundle special, from productivity software that will streamline your workflow to niche apps for tracking your investments and beyond.

App options include:

  • ForkLift: the most advanced file manager & FTP + SFTP + Amazon S3 + WEBDav client for Mac
  • Pixa: the advanced tool for taking screenshots, snapping webpages, drawing on images & more
  • RapidWeaver: the most popular website creation app for Mac
  • Flux V: an advanced XHTML & CSS Web design software
  • JumpDesktop: the best remote desktop client on the Mac
  • Focused: stunning word processing with markdown.
  • Boom 2: system-wide pro volume booster & equalizer
  • Emulsion: a powerful new Photo Catalog
  • Disk Drill Pro: data recovery & protection app
  • Deep Dreamer: the easiest way to process images & video w/ Google’s Deepdream engine
  • Plus Scrutiny, Mac Data Recovery Guru, Alternote, EverMail, NetSpot Pro, Mariner Write, TG Pro, Mac Backup Guru, Delibar, Secret Folder Pro, iResizer, Folders Synchronizer, Disk Sensei, Downie, iDatabase, PageMeUp, Stock + Pro 3, Graffiti, Print Selection, CargoLifter & Publisher Plus!

For a limited time, you can take 96% off the total cost for your own hand-chosen 10-app bundle. That’s a total of $19.99 for a custom-selected range of top-rated apps to make your Mac experience the best it can be. Pick up the Create Your Mac Bundle today.