Any frequent MacBook user can attest to the stress of saving battery life while on the road, whether fighting for that seat next to the outlet at Starbucks or the airport, or having your juice run out just before you’re finished with what you’re working on. With ChugPlug Portable Macbook Power Pack, you can relieve that stress – at least for a few extra hours, for an all-time low 53% off.

The ChugPlug for MacBook is a portable charger that plugs directly into the power-block of your normal charging cable, delivering a consistent 3 to 4 hours of extra charge to a MacBook Air or 13″ MacBook Pro when an outlet is inaccessible or nowhere to be found.

Long flight or car trip? Nice day for working outside? Arm yourself with a legitimate means of making it through the next season of Game of Thrones or the 5,000-word proposal you’re writing rather than settling for whatever battery life your Mac has to offer on standard.

The unit also comes free with a travel bag and travel box with handle to make sure it stays as good as new. After impressing media at CES, the verdict is in – ChugPlug has the power and function to stand out from the rest. With our 53% discount, you can get the ChugPlug Portable Macbook Power Pack for $59.99, including free shipping.

  • Tom

    Snapchat’s dead

    • Cristian B

      and this relates how?

      • iPhoneWINS

        batteries die too

  • Timothy

    This is so laughable—when you charge your computer normally, the adapter converts the wall’s AC to DC. When you charge this battery and then charge your computer with it, you will have converted the AC to DC, converted the DC back to AC, and converted the AC back to DC again. Do you have any idea how much energy will be lost in all those transfers??