Kodi is one of those apps that I love using on my jailbroken devices, but did you know that it can also be easily installed and used on a non-jailbroken device? I just finished installing Kodi on my iPad Pro in a matter of minutes. Although it’s not as straightforward as installing it from Cydia, it can still easily be done with a bit of patience.

I use Kodi to stream live local channels to my iOS devices via an HDHomeRun box, but I also use it to stream video from an external drive hooked up to my AirPort extreme. Needless to say, it’s a great app that’s not just limited to jailbroken device thanks to Xcode 7.

How to install Kodi on iOS 9, no jailbreak needed

Step 1: Download the Kodi.deb file, the iOS App Signer, (save both to desktop) and make sure you have Xcode 7 installed.

Step 2: Connect your iOS device to your Mac, launch Xcode, create a new application, and give it a unique name like “Kodi” and an identifier.

Step 3: Under the Team drop down box, select your current team, or login with your Apple ID. If you see a button that says Fix, click it to resolve any provisioning profile issues.

Step 4: Minimize Xcode and launch iOS App Signer. Click browse and double click on the Kodi.deb file that you downloaded. Select the Signing Certificate and Provisioning Profile, and click Start. The Kodi.ipa file should be saved to your desktop.

Step 5: Open Xcode, and click Window in the menu bar and Select Devices.

Step 6: Select your iOS device from the list of devices, and click the + sign and select the Kodi.ipa file.

Step 7: The Kodi app should be built and deployed to your device.

Once Kodi is deployed to your device, you can unplug it from your Mac, and begin using the app. Remember, no jailbreak is required in order to do this. If you have problem, be sure to check out our video embedded above, and check out the original post over at the Kodi forums. Special thanks to DanTheMan827 for posting the original tutorial.

  • Somps OfThunder

    Several people have asked, but no answers. Can anyone answer this? I successfully installed Kodi a while ago. By while, I can’t remember how long ago, but it stopped running today and when I was in Xcode, it shows that my team profile has expired, so I’m guessing that is why Kodi no longer runs. I don’t know how to renew or extend the team provisioning profile. I’m not a developer and have not joined apples dev account, but was able to set it up for personal use. So, nobody know how to renew the expired provisioning profile? thx.

  • Pawel Torsun

    Hi, after the installation of Kodi of an NON Jailbroken Device, I would like to access a local Folder from an App on my IOS Device. Is this possible ?

    For example I have Movie as .mkv File in a App called nplayer local on my iPad. How can I open this File with Kodi ?

    Under Kodi, Add Video Source , Enter the paths or browse for the media location ?
    What should I write there as PATH ?

  • davidtayo

    I will try it later!!!

  • Matteoivand

    you can upgrade the tittle iOS 10 work perfectly

  • Brad

    The “fix issue” no-longer is available, now getting message “failed to create provisioning profile”, even though I clicked add and input iTunes information.

  • Texan1st

    If I purchase a $900 12.9 inch 128GB iPad Pro from Apple (it was actually a gift), I should be able to run whatever the phuck I want to run on MY device without having to jailbreak it or jump through a bunch of hoops to upload it.

    • Zakary Singer

      lmao true. you could get an android tablet… but i understand the atraction to apple.

      • Texan1st

        I’ve always had Android products. The only reason I got the iPad Pro is because my daughter gave it to me as a birthday gift. If Apple is going to be so restrictive about what I can download and use on MY device, I’ll never buy one of their products on my own. Apple products may be good for some people, but they’re not THAT good.

      • Zakary Singer

        Oh okay fair enough man.

  • ffrreeeekk

    Can this in any way warn my phone?

  • Philip McIntosh

    hi installed on iPad work great but after two three week it just disappears and i have to re install it again and it works great for a short while any ideas

  • Brian Ferguson

    I do this and it works great, then randomly the app stops working, it opens and then closes right away and I cant get it to stay open. I always have to delete and reinstall, then install all add ons again etc, anything I can do different so that this doesnt happen?

  • Paul Sanchez

    I use xCode 8 and there is no “+” sign on step 6 above. How do I add the IPA file?

  • Patti

    hi i get this message: A valid provisioning profile for this executable was not found.

  • Zakary Singer

    use an online repo not a zip

  • Trudy H

    I keep getting an error saying that I have a problem with my code signing certificate. Any ideas on how to fix this?