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According to a report by blogger Kirk McElhearn, Apple has increased iTunes Match and iCloud Music Library track limits above the original 25,000 track threshold. This increase, while yet to be officially acknowledged by Apple, has been in the cards since at least summer.

Although Eddy Cue, who serves as Apple’s Senior Vice President of Internet Software and Services, said that the limit would rise to 100,000 around the iOS 9 release, the increase hit an apparent delay, and has just now begun to roll out to users.

The limit itself has been a source of confusion among some users, but it basically boils down to this: both ripped music matched or uploaded via iTunes Match, and music added to your iCloud Music Library via Apple Music count against the limit.

The blog post by McElhearn, originally spotted by iMore, shows a screenshot of a library with over 28,000 songs. For the record, McElhearn isn’t the only user reporting the increase. Several comments on his blog, and some Twitter comments that I’ve seen seem to corroborate the findings.

Apple has yet to update its official support document with the higher limits, but you can likely expect it to do so soon.

Do you use iTunes Match, iCloud Music Library, or a combination of them both? If so, let us know if you’ve seen evidence of the higher threshold limits that other users are reporting.

  • Blip dude

    A part of me wants to go back to iTunes Match. . . Then a part of me remember all the Bull**** I went through using it for those 12 months I had it.

  • The_Kingfish

    Such as?

  • port87

    I love iTunes Match. It’s been buggy since its release, but I don’t mind. And knowing that limit went makes me a happy match user

    • Tim

      5% of my music library was converted into instrumental songs thanks to iTunes Match. XD

      • Ikr. Or the clean version. No way to even fix that. Shit is stupid.

      • I might be wrong but I’m pretty certain there’s a way to correct that and force it to upload the original.

  • Al

    I’m trying to debate whether to keep iTunes Match alongside Apple Music or go ahead and renew iTunes Match since iTunes Match does what Apple Music do, yet not quite sure about DRM.

    • Franklin Richards

      Apple Music does have DRM. I’m in the same boat as you. I think I might unsubscribe to iTunes Match since I don’t listen to older music as much as I do newer stuff which I get from Apple Music. Might just throw all my older music on Google Play Music which is free also it’s limit is 50,000 songs.

      • Al

        Oh, I’m a head of you there. I already have my entire music library in Google Play Music that’s why I feel like even if my current music library gets DRM’ed I’ll be fine going forward.

        I’m on the Apple Music Family Plan and I initially had iTunes Match shared among my family who used my iTunes account. So, they no longer get to use my music library and gets to mold their library however they see fit with Apple Music.

        So, yeah… Most likely I’ll rid myself of the 25 bucks next week when it doesn’t renew.

    • Even though I pay for Apple Music as a multi-platform user I think I’m going to renew it simply because the DRM will be a gigantic pain everywhere else because it will only work in iTunes. I don’t really want to have to deal with that…

  • Dave Newcomb

    I’ve switched to Google Play Music. Same matching/uploading abilities as Match, but it’s free. Sure, I’d love to keep using the native player, but the Play Music app is good enough.

    • The problem I have with Google Play Music is they have a 10 device limit that you can’t reset. If like me you re-install your OS multiple times per year and forget to de-activate Google Play Music you end up locking yourself out of Google Play Music for a year until you can remove some devices. I’ve never had this happen with iTunes.

      • It also uploads a lot of my songs as remixes, and doesn’t do well with unreleased songs (or for example, there’s a song called The Creationist. There’s also a version of the song where it has a featured artist singing with the original artist. It always just thinks I’m uploading the original song.)