Much as we love our Apple gadgets, the iOS ecosystem can be complicated when it comes to non-Apple approved media playback, often requiring users to resort to third-party apps for various formats.

A clean and efficient solution has been found in WALTR, a fantastically efficient software which allows users to seamlessly play any type of audio or video file on their iOS device. It’s now available for just $14.99

WALTR is a drag-and-drop video converter for Mac, an app that makes MKV, AVI & FLAC files play natively on iOS devices without the need to resort to third-party iOS apps. The app can quickly convert and transfer files to your iOS device without requiring a separate sync operation, and even supports files with .srt subtitles. It works with your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, all without having to use additional software like Handbrake or iTunes. You can also copy music in any format, such as CUE, APE, ALAC, OGG, AAC, AIFF, WAV & more.

Copying music and video to your device is simple: launch the app, connect your device, drag a video or audio file onto it, and it automatically starts copying into your iPad or iPhone. That’s it! All converting and transcoding is done on-the-fly, and you’ll automatically transfer files to iOS apps without the hassle of syncing.

There’s no hyperbole to our assessment that “WALTR is an absolutely incredible piece of software,” from our glowing review of the software earlier this year. And with a name inspired by Walter White from the legendary crime drama series, “Breaking Bad,” you know they’re going for top quality. Forget the third-party app hassle and enjoy full compatibility with WALTR for 49% off, for a limited time.