• You guys are making me lose interest in you with these useless posts.

    • Just because you don’t care about what is posted doesn’t mean no one else does. Some of you folks act like its a blog dedicated to only you…

      • DTT255

        WHOA! Hold the phone…this blog isn’t just for me?

      • No way Jose!

    • borgqueenx

      same here, facebook or privacy related stuff i can understand, but you keep spamming these weird deletion tutorials like we browse some anti-goverment or privacy addicts websites.

      • We’re gonna cover account deletion for every major online service out there for the benefit of our readers who for one reason or another want to leave a service

    • Marcus

      Don’t forget why you visit this blog then. iDownloadBlog is for jailbreaking and Apple related news. These tutorials are being thrown into the mix so that when people search on Google “How to delete your Periscope account,” this article will come up. They might see another article on the side of this post which would be another post they’re interested in and so on. Overall, it generates more traffic. You should want iDB to generate traffic too because it only makes the blog better. If you don’t like a certain post, it takes less than a second to continue scrolling past the post on the homepage.

      This personally helped me a lot Christian. Thanks for posting this!