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The Complete 2015 Learn to Code Bundle

Enormous new career opportunities await in the world of coding, as our world becomes more and more digitally connected. With the 2015 Learn to Code Bundle, you can get into programming without any prior experience and begin building amazing projects for desktops and the internet like a pro, all for just $59.

The 2015 Learn to Code bundle is designed to help you learn coding without any prior experience, offering almost 100 total hours of content through 9 courses. Learn hand-code fully functioning sites, and build your own Web projects from scratch using HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, Ruby, MySQL, Python, Git and more — and make them mobile-friendly while you’re at it. Get this deal now.

White Hat Security Hacker Bundle

With the world becoming increasingly connected in the web of modern technology, the threat of cyber attacks is higher than ever. As a result, value is skyrocketing for people with the skills to make us all safer – and take advantage of digital workarounds for the greater good. With our White Hat Security Hacker Bundle, you will learn how to become a web security expert, with a deep understanding of the ethical ways to hack websites and web scraping for boosting your sales.

With this expert course, you get over 40 hours of video training that will teach you the basics of penetration testing, WordPress security, Mac OS X security and the advanced skills in Linux Command Line. Even if security and hacking aren’t a career goal, this training is invaluable with computer science projects and web development. This White Hat Hacker Bundle provides 6 advanced professional courses that you can access anywhere and learn at your convenient pace. The White Hat Security Hacker Bundle is yours for just $49.

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