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AT&T is going to announce a price hike for its grandfathered unlimited data plans early next year, reports CNBC. The outlet announced the news on Twitter this afternoon, saying it has learned that the carrier plans to increase the price from $30 to $35 in February.

The move is unsurprising, given that Verizon announced earlier this year that it’d be raising the price of its own grandfathered unlimited plans, and the two carriers tend to follow each others leads. AT&T’s price bump is significantly less though, at just $5 versus $20.

The amount of people affected by this should be relatively small. Verizon said in October that less than 1% of its subscribers has an unlimited plan, and AT&T likely has similar numbers. Also, those under contract would likely not see the price change until after it expires.

This is just the latest in an ongoing effort by the two carriers to eradicate the unlimited plan, which they stopped offering years ago. AT&T has in the past attempted to throttle unlimited customers, but it later walked back on the policy after getting pushback from the FCC.

Source: CNBC

  • Kurt

    Saw that coming…

  • The Afroman

    um. isn’t the point of grandfathering in, means they can’t change the original terms.. or am i missing something.

    • Mark S

      That’s what it means to us.

    • Manuel Molina

      I’m sure they had their lawyers look into this and come up with the conclusion that they can charge more. It makes sense they would raise the price when Att just lifted the bandwidth throttling limit to 23 as oppose to 5 GB. Verizon, on the other hand, are just greedy people. 50 dollars for unlimited data is the same price as unlimited data with a hotspot that goes everywhere and let’s you tether all over.

      • Shinonuke

        Sure make sense. I mean they made $8 billions in 2014 and still cry about how the plans are not high enough for growth

      • Manuel Molina

        That’s because all of that sh it goes to the CEO because he has his 9 mansions to take care of and pay.

      • CryptoCoin420

        Exactly what is wrong with this country, and they probably get some sort of tax break from the government as well, while paying their workers slave wages and raping customers on prices and services. AT&T is guilty of this too.

      • Manuel Molina

        They actually do get tax breaks. They are tax write offs when you use certain things, like us the company car for meetings or take your guest for dinner and its related to business. It’s also a write off to give to charity and why so many do it. They pay a lot of taxes but use the write offs to play less and give small.

    • igorsky

      Your contract states that they can change the terms at any time. So all things considered, $5 ain’t so bad.

  • RazaRy

    Never letting this shit go! Bring it on AT&T.

    • Me either and at this point it is just to annoy them more than anything. Some dope that worked at an AT&T location almost convinced my parents that I was on a “horribly outdated and obsolete” data plan and I should switch to a new one. HAHAHAHA So I could pay $20 a month for like 5GB, or just keep what I have and never worry about overages and that bs. We would so dump AT&T and go to another carrier (aka Verizon) but we are getting a huge discount (50% off our bill & upgrades) now that my sister works for them.

      • Lance Baker

        Do you think you’re going to get unlimited data with Verizon? Or a better deal somehow?

  • rubeN

    not a huge increase. Verizon got hit with a $20 increase hike.

  • soundmanbrad

    I switched to T-Mobile after they tried to force me to upgrade via their leasing program rather than the old way. The leasing program is not the same as a subsidized upgrade. There are no subsidies anymore. I am happy I switched.

    • techfreak23

      It’s technically financing or a loan, not a lease. No one is forcing you to give the phone back once you pay it off. Also, they are technically giving you a loan when you do a subsidized upgrade anyway because you pay $450 less upfront but they divide that cost into your monthly over the course of your 2 year contract and you’re tied into the contract… Once you do the upgrade program, you’re technically on a month to month with those carriers. Your only obligation is to pay off the phone. No one is stopping you from paying off the phone and going to different carriers. It adds up to almost the same amount over 2 years, plus you can upgrade your phone every year with the upgrade programs if you want to.

      • Lance Baker

        It actually comes out cheaper to do the installment plans. People don’t realize this.

      • Joseiscoollike

        Installment plans are only cheaper if you’re on a Mobile Share Value plan. You’re double paying for the phone if you do AT&T Next instead of getting it subsidized because the subsidy is baked into their old plans.

      • soundmanbrad

        Exactly! With the old plans I could understand the higher rates of the plans since my phone was subsidized. But with the new plans, the high rates still exist but with essentially no subsidized phone. I did the math and found it to be a complete rip off. You are better off with T-mobile and buying the phone outright rather than through some upgrade program through ATT.

      • techfreak23

        The rates really aren’t as high as they were. AT&T gives you a $15 line access discount per device that is on Next, plus they’ve adjusted the date plan rates. I also just got my data doubled for free, plus rollover data. My bill went down $30 when I switched from one of the older plans (not unlimited data). I could understand though how the people on the grandfathered unlimited plans wouldn’t want to switch. Funny thing though is that I have found that many of the people who are holding onto unlimited data aren’t really using that much. I deal with Verizon customers and I have seen a majority of those still on the grandfathered plans using no more than 2-3GB per month. I’ve seen savings as much $100 per month by switching to the new plans with the Device Payment Program.

      • soundmanbrad

        I’m not sure you are factoring in the ability to sell a used phone on eBay. But regardless, after comparing plans on T-mobile and ATT (especially since I have four lines on my plan) I have gotten 4 times the data, without worrying about ever paying for going over, for much much less money.

      • techfreak23

        It really depends on the plan setup and the person’s personal preference on upgrading yearly instead of biyearly. It’s better for those that wish to upgrade every year and have the latest and greatest. The only time it’s actually a ripoff is if you actually go through the whole payment schedule to own the phone, and even then it’s only a marginal difference in cost. You can only sell your used phone once your contract is up. Same with the payment plans. If you pay the phone off in 20 months or 2 years or whatever you can sell that phone, get the new phone, and continue on with the payment plan without anything upfront. Like I said, it all works out to about the same of money.

      • soundmanbrad

        It definitely does not work out the same. You are getting gouged.

      • techfreak23

        I don’t think you did your research right… Let’s use the Mobile Share Plan with 5GB of data at $50 as an example. The line access is $25 with Next and $40 with a 2 year agreement. That works out to $1800 and $2160 over the 24 months respectively. That difference is $360 plus the $200 upfront cost with a 2 year agreement adding up to $560, which is just $90 shy of what a 16GB iPhone 6s costs. Next divides the full retail cost of the phone, which is $650. I would hardly call a $90 difference over 2 years “gouging.” That brings me back to my point that it’s only really beneficial for the types of people who wish to upgrade every year, but is a slight ripoff if you pay the phone off. It takes the headache of having to sell the phone yourself or paying out of pocket for the full retail cost of the phone. It also depends on the plan you have setup and how many lines you have, but most of the options amount to ALMOST the same cost.

        I don’t use T-Mobile as a comparison because they have one of the shittiest networks along with Sprint. Apples and oranges bro. Tell them to get their networks on par with AT&T or Verizon and see if the plans don’t shoot up in price.

      • CryptoCoin420

        Don’t forget you have to pay taxes on the full price of the phone you get. Which for me was about $75-80 Dollars.

      • techfreak23

        You have to pay that with subsidies as well… For a 16GB iPhone 6s, tax amounts to $52.

  • Morgan Freeman

    Sure sounds legitimate to me, Kristen. You go ahead and buy/click/install/whatever.

  • Dao Sasone

    Keep it up att and im jumping ship soon.

    • techfreak23

      Be thankful they didn’t hit you with a $20 increase like Verizon did to their customers last month…

  • Bugs Bunnay

    Can’t keep up with tmobile huh? Gotta make up for their loss!

    • techfreak23

      Can T-Mobile’s network keep up though…?

      • Bugs Bunnay

        In terms of what? I’ve never seen a hiccup since before the magenta movement.

      • techfreak23

        It terms of coverage and reliability. If you live in an urban area, you probably won’t run into issues.

      • Bugs Bunnay

        well now. If tmobile don’t got that coverage don’t get it, but reliability wise? Again no hiccups here in LA. Not getting that throttle either but might just be me.

  • iPhoneWINS

    they are mad cause the feds signed them and made the increase unlimited data from 5 gigs too 22 gigs before fools

  • Joel R

    Att still sends me messages stating they will throttle my services.