ClamCase Pro

ClamCase has come a long way since its first-generation iPad case. It is now ultra thin, has a better hinge system, and has arguably the best typing experience you can get on a tablet.

The ClamCase Pro is designed specifically for the iPad Air 2 and has new features that make it even better than its predecessors. It also now comes in three different colors to match your style.

The ClamCase is known for its 360-degree hinge system. You can open the case to use it in a traditional laptop position with the keyboard in front. Or, flip it over so that the keyboard lays flat underneath and your iPad Air 2 can be used for watching movies in landscape mode. Lay the device flat against the backside of the shell to use it in tablet position with the keys on the backside. Don’t worry, the keyboard automatically shuts off when the hinge flips backward.

It is made from an aluminum interior enclosure with a polycarbonate shell and soft, rubberized hinge.

It has island style keys, similar to that on the MacBook Air and features a number of special media keys designed specifically for the iPad Air 2, like a Home screen key, volume controls, access to Siri, and even cut/paste shortcut keys.

The ClamCase comes in silver, black, or gold and is available for $150 on Amazon. The price is a little steep, but ClamCase is known for providing the most natural typing experience on an iPad and it might just be worth the extra money if you need to use your tablet for productivity activities a lot.

  • Get me an iPad Mini one and deal

    • Cameron Nelms


  • Valinor

    That polycarbonate shell is so damn ugly. Why not make the whole thing aluminum. Now the most visible part is made of ugly white polycarbonate…..

  • ProllyWild

    this is the case i used for most of this year. The white polycarbonate is unattractive, but you can always just throw on some decals made for small macbooks..tends to fit just as well. Problem is, that if you’re not careful you’ll start noticing fractures in the polycarbonate. i’ve yet to see anything that compromised the unit’s integrity, but it isnt attractive. The charge on the unit lasts very long and connecting via bluetooth is generally not a problem.

    only major cons are the cracks, the lack of backlight and the actual weight issues. The unit is top heavy because of the ipad. It’s not enough to make it fall down when its on a sturdy surface, but you might want to be careful when its in your lap. It also requires a clamcase exclusive headphone jack extension cable (included). Regular headphones will not be able to fit without the extention cable, and i lost mine, so now I rely on bluetooth headphones instead.

    That said, the pros are, its 360 degree rotation lets you use the ipod in tablet format whenever you want, and it automatically disables the keyboard in this mode so no accidental input. its sturdy and reliable and what got me started on trying to live without a laptop, and go all ipad instead. the shortcut keys are great as well.

  • rockdude094

    Why not just get a MacBook ?

    • therealjjohnson

      Because you can’t detach the keyboard from a MacBook…