Apple Pencil Best Buy

The Apple Pencil is now available for online order at Best Buy, and you can get it delivered Monday, if you act fast. There are three delivery options that I see: December 2nd with free shipping, or expedited or express shipping that will have the Apple Pencil at your door by early next week. If you’ve been looking for an Apple Pencil, you should head over to Best Buy today, and get your order in fast.

I got my order in and chose expedited delivery. As such, my Apple Pencil should arrive on Tuesday, November 24th. If you’re an iPad Pro owner, have you been able to snag an Apple Pencil yet? If not, will you order from Best Buy?

  • Fanboy 

    Only showing “Store pickup” option now.

  • Ashy Larry

    I haven’t been able to snag one yet. Guess I’ll try Best Buy.

    • Mike

      Too late, in store pick up. Sold out in most locations

  • Eikast

    Thanks Jeff. Order is processing but should arrive on Tuesday

  • Gary T

    I saw this way too late. Shipping is no longer an option. I dropped by my local Apple Store when they opened this morning and no luck. Then placed an order online with them and it’s scheduled to be here sometime around Christmas. Yay me.

    • Ashy Larry

      Around Christmas? Ouch!!

      • Gary T

        Shipping became an option again and I ordered from Best Buy. Cancelled my order with Apple. Will be here on the 25th now. A full month before Apple could get one to me.

  • George

    Apple doesn’t care about its customers to make them jump through hoops to buy a damn pencil.

    • Mike

      You said it. We should all leave feedback.