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Unlike Microsoft’s Surface Pen that depends on a user-replaceable AAAA battery, Apple’s Pencil has a non-replaceable, rechargeable 0.329 Wh li-ion one.

Though it holds just five precent of the charge of an iPhone 6s battery, it can gain 30 minutes’ worth of runtime with a quick 15-second charge via the iPad Pro’s Lightning port.

However, the accessory itself lacks a battery status indicator that would give an at-a-glance overview of how much juice it has left. In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to easily check the battery status of your Apple Pencil, right on your iPad Pro.

How to check Apple Pencil battery status

To check on the battery status of your Apple Pencil, you’ll have to enable iOS 9’s new Battery widget on your iPhone or iPad Pro.

Step 1: Access the Notification Center by swiping down from the top of the screen of your iPad Pro.

Step 2: Switch to the Today view, scroll down to the bottom and tap the Edit button.

Step 3: You shall now see a list of available widgets on your device. Tap the plus sign next to “Batteries” to enable the widget. You can optionally reorder the widgets on this screen, if you like.

Step 4: Tap Done to finish.

You can now easily see how much battery your Apple Pencil has left, right within the Notification Center. Simply swipe down from the top of the screen and see at a glance how much juice both your iPad Pro and Apple Pencil have left, right under the Notification Center’s Widget tab.

You can also use this method to check the battery level of your Apple Watch and other Bluetooth accessories paired with your iPhone.

Image: iFixit

  • Merman123

    If I had one 🙁

    • Jackson Grong

      Would you not rather have a MacBook? A full computer instead of a blown out iPhone? I’m not an iPad hater, I had all the 5 generations till the iPad Air. Which now I’m trying to sell. It’s great for Instagram filters, but for real work you need a Mac.

      • Merman123

        I have both a MacBook and the Pro. Have use cases for both. I’ve done “real work” with the Pro as much as I’ve done with my MacBook. In some instances faster.

      • kickinghorse99

        So what exactly “real work”??? Like 🙂

      • Jackson Grong

        It’s professional shit.
        Like importing directly camera photo or video and edit in Aperture/Final Cut. It’s programming. It’s knowing you can any app you like outside of what Apple allows.
        And the countless things iOS doesn’t allow…

      • Tom Steele

        Exactly, I don’t know why other people use things differently than me. One thing is for sure though, I don’t put up with it. I tell them that they are doing it wrong and mock them.

        Granted, the iPad pro has cases with keyboards that don’t require Bluetooth or charging. And it has pages, numbers and other useful business apps. But that is no reason for anyone to use them for work.

        There is more work than just aperture.

      • Bria

        I use my iPad Pro as my main computer. Just sold my Surface Pro 3 the other day. Real work for me is digital artwork and photography. Both of which the iPad Pro is perfect for me, in fact better than the SP3 was – Photoshop is just a little too clunky for a tablet, I’d much rather use Procreate.

        So real work for someone is completely different than it is for someone else.

        If programming was my thing, I would have kept the SP3 or bought MacBook.

      • Rene Trujillo

        Hello, i am a digital artist as well and love my ipadpro…why do you favor it over the surface pro?
        thx! best on creating! -rene

      • Jason Davies

        I use it for writing notes, planning. I can’t do this well on a computer but the iPad Pro is fantastic for scribbling and then arranging my thoughts (in Zoomnotes). I think more clearly when I’m handwriting, it’s just not the same with a keyboard.

  • Noohar

    Slightly off topic but Christian what is that “Screenshot” app in your Share Sheet?

  • phil miller

    Interesting that the “Batteries” option is not available on the new 9.7 Pro

    • I just bought my 9.7 Monday and followed the above instructions and it worked fine.

  • Shashi Kanth Kangayam

    Thank you.

  • Mustafa Hakim

    Has anyone used the I pro for photography;

  • Batteries is already enabled but not showing the charge status for the Pen

  • PECKDsm

    Doesn’t work. Did once. Now the battery status doesn’t show up.

    • Shauday Smith

      it’s been about 2 weeks, don’t know if you got it fixed or not, but i had to have the pencil bluetooth connected to show up. That might fix it for ya.. That might sound dumb, but i had the pencil plugged into the ipad but not bluetooth connected and was losing my mind until i realized…

  • Dan Burkett