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In addition to releasing iOS 9.2 beta 4 to developers and public beta testers, Apple on Wednesday also released a third beta of tvOS 9.1 to developers, its operating system for the fourth-generation Apple TV.

The tvOS 9.1 beta 3 update (build number: 13U5077a) is available over-the-air on the new Apple TV to developers who are on a prior tvOS beta, as well as a standalone download through Apple’s portal for developers.

This update doesn’t appear to bring out any new user-centric features. Apple is asking developers to focus on a number of known issues, suggesting there’s still work to be done before a final release is ready.

Release notes accompanying the download state that the tvOS 9.1 includes bug fixes and improvements in the OS and SDK, including in AVKit, On Demand Resources and UIKit.

tvOS 9.0.1, the first software update for the new Apple TV, released for public consumption shortly after the new box hit the market in early November.

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    In other news, the zibreg-claimed “unbeatable” graphics chip in iPad XL still ranks below the i3 Surface Pro 3 when it comes to onscreen rendering (https://goo. gl/lwb372)…

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    Stupid shitte beta with out any fix or feature? Sooooo why it’s the reason of send betas?????? I going to send betas to my boss friends to everyone betas for everybody

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    I hope this update will fix the iCloud and save files sudden disappearance issue, in Apple TV 4th Gen. Not having your save files for your apple apps, ruins your day.