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Episode 109: We recap our thoughts on the Apple TV, including our favorite games and apps. We also share our first impressions of the new iPad Pro, Apple’s new super-sized tablet, which packs more power than any iOS device to date.

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  • Nathan

    The iPad Pro is CRAZY. Heck, the iPad Air 2 was so fast… haha.

  • Guy

    Did you create and edit the show on an iPad Pro? If so, might have been helpful to list in the notes how you did it.

    • George

      No because that would take 4x the time

      • Merman123

        He did edit it entirely on the iPad Pro actually.

      • Guy

        Did he say what apps or methodology he used? This isn’t a podcast I usually listen to (not enough time in the day)

      • Guy

        I’ve done it on an iPad 3rd gen and no it doesn’t. I was just curious what his method was.

  • Lordrootman

    i think I’m the first person to return apple tv 4
    got it Friday evening return next morning i hate it theres no real advantage over the current one since i don’t use siri

  • Jayy

    Hey can anybody help me? I was suggested to delete the modmyi repo because I kept getting a parsing problem or whatever it was called on Cydia. It worked but anyways there are some tweaks and themes that are only on modmyi and when I try and add it back it get what’s in the attached photo.

  • Guy

    Apple sticks to a universal looks and feel for all iOS. On iPad Pro iOS should be super charged not copied and pasted. The iOS 9 app switcher does not work for iPads at all.

  • Victor Molina

    New segment idea for a show ender!!

    Ask one of the three host to copy a movie character for 15 sec.

    – I’m asking Cody to copy Christopher Walken from movies like joe dirt.

    Please make this a new thing for lets talk iOS