You know the iconic reflective logo from its worldwide presence. Beats By Dre headphones are recognized by name, by their flawless exterior and – now for a limited time – their unbelievably good price. Cutting 44% off the MSRP, get a pair of Beats By Dre Solo HD headphones for just $99.99 in your choice of colors.

Available in green, light blue, purple or white, Beats Solo HD headphones are made for music lovers looking for high definition, combining advanced driver technology and premium design for headphones that deliver legendary Beats by Dr. Dre sound and are lightweight and durable.

Clearer sound. Deeper bass.

Beats Solo HD headphones are the only Beats by Dr. Dre that come with not one, but two speakers inside each can. That means you get crystal clear highs and deep, rumbling lows in high definition.

Almost impossible to break.

Every pair is constructed of super-durable, flexible material, reinforced with a metal strip to make sure it never comes apart. They look good, too – every pair of Beats Solo HD headphones feature the same high-quality clear-coat finish you find on a luxury sedan.

Built in mic for calls.

Switch easily between songs and incoming calls, instead of talking to your phone like a walkie talkie. Take calls, skip songs and adjust volume right from the cord of your Beats Solo HD headphones.

Plug into excellent savings and step up your music experience with Beats Solo HD headphones just $99.99 in your choice of colors. 

  • Manuel Molina

    If the brand new ones break in seconds, I’m sure these don’t have a chance to make it through the mail.

    • Vinnie Bones


  • Amac25

    Target is going to have new solo 2 for a little cheaper on thanksgiving. Just fyi for anyone wanting some beats

  • JulianZH

    $100 for a bad sound, ear killing headphone?? Sign me up!

    • Jake Platt

      Yeah, absolute rubbish headphones. People just must not realise there is so many better alternatives out there.

      • Spectr@

        Like? If i may ask please…

      • Gaetano

        Had a pair of beats (160£ In the Uk) that broke down. I now got the AudioTechnina M50X. A bit bigger, less cool but with a very high sound quality. Price tag around 150 $. Bass are not as deep but sound is very clear (they’re monitor headphones)

      • Jake Platt

        Anything Sennheiser, Bose or Bowers & Wilkins just to name a few.

      • Paul Meneshian

        shure, etymotics, poineers, akg, audio technica. to name a few x2

  • Pedecia

    Nothing compared to same priced Audiotecnica and Sony. Beats are just overpriced junk.

  • Gucciipad

    No ty refurbished.