In our hyper-rush for the latest and greatest in tech gadgets, it’s quite easy to forget the old wisdom of “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” But 8Bitdo hasn’t forgotten, and they’re dedicated to reviving the perfection of one of the greatest gaming controllers ever made: the Super Nintendo classic grey controller.  You can get your own SNES30 Bluetooth Game Controller for just $29.95.

8Bitdo is bringing back the legendary controller with the SNES30, a 1:1 original design that supports both Bluetooth and USB connections on your PC, Mac, consoles and more. Note that is unfortunately not compatible with the new Apple TV.

Every single detail about the controller, from the build itself, to the feel of the plastic, to the colors used, resembles that classic SNES controller from back in the day. The dimensions are identical to the millimeter, and the D-pad and buttons are fantastically responsive.

Slim, portable size and a dual-keyboard code system for iOS keeps your playing versatile, with Wiimote emulation support allowing up to four simultaneous players. Save serious money while your gaming nostalgia indulgence will have you feeling like a little kid again – get the SNES30 Bluetooth Game Controller for only $29.95.