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The Apple Watch may have been met with a muted response from critics (and it’s still being rolled out around the world), but that’s not stopping Tim Cook & Co. from working on a next-generation model.

According to an Apple supplier, a second-generation Apple Watch is already in the works.

It’s said to be released late in the second quarter of next year, a little more than a year after the original model’s debut. As reported by Taiwanese media, Barry Lam, the chairman of Quanta Computer, the company that assembles the Apple Watch, said during an investor meeting that the Apple Watch 2 is being developed, shockingly, as we speak.

It’ll ship in small quantities near the end of the second quarter of 2016 as Quanta, tasked with assembly work, plans to ramp up production by the beginning of the third quarter.

The device, still in the development stage, will sport better hardware and software versus the first model, which isn’t really that much surprising after all given the criticism of the Apple Watch’s sluggishness.

9to5Mac claimed back in the summer that the Apple Watch 2 will have improved Wi-Fi features for greater iPhone independence and a camera integrated into the top bezel for making and receiving FaceTime video calls directly from your wrist.

An Apple patent may have possibly given credence to that rumor because the Cupertino firm appears to have created a design for an ultra tiny 2mm-long high-resolution camera that might be suitable for the Apple Watch.

Apple Patent tiny camera drawing 001

Also back in the summer, unnamed sources in Apple’s supply chain in Asia were quoted as saying that the second-generation Apple Watch will be a bit thinner than the first model in order to accommodate a bigger battery.

Furthermore, the device should retain its square appearance and screen resolution is said to be unchanged from the current models. Lastly, and perhaps crucially, Apple seems to be hard at work developing its own cellular modems in-house.

An Apple-branded modem chip embedded into an ‘S2’ system-in-package would theoretically allow a future Apple Watch to become a truly standalone device, untangled from its dependency on the iPhone for cellular connectivity and location services.

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Source: UDN (Google Translate) via GforGames

  • John Wickham

    I’m a little confused: the article says the “second-generation Apple Watch will be a bit thinner than the first model in order to accommodate a bigger battery.” How could a thinner device hold a larger battery?

    • Smaller yet bigger.

    • Shinonuke

      Just a guess…using some of the leftover space to shrink the overall appearance while providing a higher capacity battery with the same size (meaning bigger battery).

  • Vince Reedy

    Any rumors on a trade-in program?

    • pnh

      It’s called eBay.

      • Vince Reedy

        Or craigslist. I just would like to see Apple step up to the plate and do something official if they are going to expect people to upgrade every year or two to offset the cost. Replacing computers or phones every year, maybe two is more common than expecting someone to buy a new watch in the same cycle. If it costs $400 every couple years to get the latest wearable, this will be my first and last watch and I think a significant number of people will be in the same boat.

      • Yup not even worth the upgrade

      • Fanboy 

        Apple isn’t expecting anybody to “upgrade every year”? Where are you getting this theory from? Last time I checked we all have free will lol

      • Connecting Mac User 

        Oh! yeah? Bcos last time I checked, Apple marketing strategies does not include free will. It says UPGRADE (with caps) 🙂

      • AnoNymouz

        Yes, Apple does expect you to upgrade every time a new product is out. That’s why they have such a fantastic marketing campaign everytime. Why would a company like Apple not want your money? Bc you paid once for a similar product they don’t market to you anymore? Or do they just remove you from their list? I don’t get it. Same goes for every other company out their. I wouldn’t say they are just as successful, unlike Apple.

      • Mr_Coldharbour

        I wouldn’t really classify replacing an Apple computer or any computer for that matter as a common occurrence. Phones yes as they do take quite a beating throughout the year, tablets maybe less so but still more common than a computer (especially if it’s stationary).

  • pnh

    No onboard GPS = No upgrade = No sale

    • iPhoneWINS

      won’t have enough battery for that lol

      • Brent Shelton

        Sony, Garmin, and Fitbit have figured out a way to do this. I would sure as hell hope Apple can, too. : /

  • iPhoneWINS

    yup will it be thinner with a better more futuristic design?

  • lookHOWMADheis

    Search HOOD RUN by Darnel Braxton in the appstore! Thanks for the support !!!!!!!!!!!

  • Toh Woo Kim

    more health related sensor

  • Andres

    Glad I held off till second gen. Looking forward to new features and hopefully fully waterproofed

    • Kaptivator

      I have to agree with you.

    • diggitydang

      It’s pretty much waterproof already. I swim with mine, shower etc… Only one I haven’t braved is a hot tub or sauna.

      • Andres

        I just don’t want to “brave” anything. Should be a standard featured you can trust on.

      • Can you play music in the shower? Can you have a phone call in the shower??

      • diggitydang

        In theory, yes… But I do find it hard to press the screen when it’s wet (and my fingers are wet too). I have to blow the screen/finger tips dry to accurately touch it. Also, I’ve never taken a call in the shower but I have sent texts which use voice dictation and the noise of the shower makes it a little tougher. It isn’t as accurate as it is when I’m in a quieter place.

    • Shinonuke

      Whoa…awesome…taking pictures under water! Water World here I come!

  • Unknow Unknow

    Apple Watch big error
    Too small even for small hands
    Few hours of battery on regular use totally ridiculous
    The only thing without an iPhone is give u the time wata shitte
    $17000 for gold edition does it really has $10000 in gold? And $7000 in hardware??????

  • Bass Head

    Will the hermes apple watch be updated too? Or was that a one time collaboration? Also I’m pretty sure apple will have a trade in program

    • Andres

      I really like the Hermes as well. I wouldn’t mind paying that extra price especially since I haven’t gotten the first gen Apple Watch.

    • Gary LE

      I was thinking the same but ebay might give u more $$.

  • Brent Shelton

    Throw a GPS chip in there like any real activity/health watch should have, and sold. Sure it’ll suck battery if you use it, but using it on my phone does the same thing. Runners/cyclists/people who would use GPS on the Apple Watch are okay with/used to the battery drain that associates GPS tracking. Just include it and we’ll figure it out.

    • Gordon

      Agree on the GPS and waterproof, it is supposed to be a training/health device, then you need it to be GPS equipped to be able to use it on your run, without having to carry your iPhone in the pocket or elsewhere. It also needs to be waterproof to be sure it can take a swim or run in the rain without leaking. Even if the watch is splashproof, the iPhone in your pocket isn’t… Better battery is also welcome of course!