iPad Pro launch (1)

Apple’s super-sized tablet aimed at professionals is now available for purchase from the online Apple Store. Early this morning, the iPad Pro went on sale, along with notable accessories, the Apple Pencil, and Smart Keyboard.

The iPad Pro is available for purchase starting at $799 via the Apple online store and brick and mortar Apple retails stores. In fact, you can order an iPad Pro right now, and schedule an in-store pickup when the Apple Store opens later today.

Interestingly, both the Apple Pencil and Smart Keyboard don’t seem to be available on day one, though that could be because I was too late, and they’re already out of stock. For companion accessories so closely associated with a product, I find that to be a bit odd. Of course, that could change when physical stores open later today.

Apple currently lists the available-to-ship date for the two accessories as being over a week out, with no in-store pickup options available as of yet.

The iPad Pro hardware itself appears to be relatively plentiful, and even third-party accessories, like Logitech’s Create backlit keyboard, are available on day one.

I opted for a 128GB iPad Pro in Space Grey. Since the main accessories aren’t yet available in stores, I went for Logitech’s keyboard as well.

Did you order an iPad Pro?

  • DevXav

    Wow, nice purchase!

    About the iPad Pro, nope, i’m still late in time since I live in Brazil..

    Will finally get my 6s+ 128gb space gray this friday (13th), and yean, it’s only going to be released here this friday.. shame 🙁

  • ProllyWild

    Got it here in Japan

  • Eikast

    You know for a second I went to the site added it to cart and was selecting for pickup today then hit hit me, wth am I doing… Lol. Just a habit of ordering stuff because of the Apple Watch, 6s+, ATV4. I had a dream about using an iPad Pro but I’m going to just keep it just that. I don’t use my iPad Air 2 enough as is.

    • Yeah? Good for you. It’s best not to get caught up in the cycle of buying uneeded stuff. The only reason I’m getting one is for work, although I must admit that it could turn out to be a pretty nice purchase. It’s basically a super thin laptop at this point with the Logitech keyboard case. I’ll let you know how it goes.

      • George

        It’s not basically a thin laptop Jeff, its a bigger iPad.

      • dudeimmexican


      • Noohar

        Jeff you have an Air 2. Would you sell that or just keep both?

      • Eikast

        Yeah, pretty much expected you, Sebastian, and Cody to get one for work purposes. It does look promising and if money wasn’t a concern for me then I’d probably get one myself. The biggest con for me is that the iPad Pro is only running iOS (which is great for the majority of people) but since I can’t use it for software development, then it’s essentially just a big iPad for my uses. But I can see a lot of college students getting one of these instead of a Macbook (12″). I just wish that they make the Apple Pencil compatible with the iPad Air 3 (whenever they release that). Also please post an unboxing video 😀

  • Chris

    $1,700 AUD for the 128GB + Celluar ($1,500 without celluar), I’ll pass.

    • iBanks


    • Jordan Lewis

      The “Australian Technology Tax” and the current AUD –> USD exchange rate has added an extra $200-$300 onto the new iPhones and iPads.

      It sucks down here…

      • DevXav

        Try living in Brazil.. 🙁

    • Honestly, anybody that isn’t a graphic designer or architect should pass too! For the price you might as well buy the new MacBook or MacBook Air.

  • Jordan Lewis

    Apple should have made the Apple Pencil compatible with normal iPads. Although it would mean less people buy the iPad Pros, I think a lot more Apple Pencils might be sold for people that just want a really nice and accurate stylus.
    I’d get one and use my iPad 3 as a note book, I think the Pro might be a bit too big and out of budget for me in Australia.

    • Franklin Richards

      Wait for the next iPad. Why would Apple ever make accessories retrofit older iPads when they could make you buy new ones.

  • mahe

    I’ll wait for an “iPad Table” xD

    • Anthony Lara

      It’s actually itable

  • Blip dude

    Pass. The iPad Air 2 is doing just fine for me. I think I’ll opt in for the 12-inch MacBook instead of which I’m also still debating since I hardly use My 2012 Non-Retina Pro as it is. My hope is that the lightweight and thinness of the MacBook may get me to bring a Laptop around again. But yes, as of this point, my iPad Air 2 as my main device is just fine.

    • AlphaPoppy

      Bro don’t get that Mac it lags so easily I had a friend who was editing a video and he went to watch a YouTube video and it lagged severely on him. Get the Mac Pro.

      • Blip dude

        Whoa! Thanks for the suggestion, but I don’t even need an iMac, let alone a Mac Pro. I’m only looking at the MacBook Air or MacBook at the moment because I don’t do video editing, and just mainly use my MacBook Pro to Jailbreak my devices via Windows, watch movies (which I also do on the iPad), and sync devices via iTunes.

      • That_Fruitarian

        My wife uses the new 12″ MacBook for school and actually prefers it my rMbp. After reading Gruber’s review of the iPad Pro, I’m certainly going to check it out. Looking at the benchmarks, it’s as fast as my rMbp.

      • George

        I would get the macbook air over the macbook, or wait for the second gen macbook.