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The Apple Music beta has launched for Android devices, and is now available as a free download via the Google Play store. If you have a compatible Android device, you can click this link to be taken directly to the Apple Music page on Google Play.

The download, which is version 0.9.0 and comes in at 29MB, officially brings Apple Music and Beats 1 to Android devices for the first time. Keep in mind that this is still a beta version, which means that not everything from the iOS version is there.

Apple Music Android 3

Here are Apple’s notes on what using the beta entails:

  • Music videos are coming soon.
  • Sign-ups and upgrades to Family memberships require Mac or iOS.
  • Sign-up process to be optimized for Android.

This isn’t the first Android app that Apple has released this year. Right around the iOS 9 launch, Apple released its Move to iOS app to help facilitate migrations from Android to iOS.

Apple Music for Android is available in all countries where Apple Music is currently available, sans China. It will be launching in beta for China soon, according to TechCrunch’s Matthew Panzarino, who spoke directly with Apple SVP of Internet Software and Service, Eddy Cue.

Noticably, Apple has kept much of the Android design language, choosing not to shoehorn the look of iOS into Android, as Google has been known to do with its apps. Says Cue, “We wanted customers on Android to naturally be able to use it — what they’ve learned and how they interact is common. Things as simple as [that] the share icon looks like an Android share icon; the menu structure being where it is; these are things that most Android customers are familiar with. We wanted to make sure that they felt very familiar with Apple Music when they sat down to use it.”

I recommend that you read Matthew’s full interview with Eddy Cue for more insight into the design and process behind bringing Apple Music to Android.

Do you use an Android phone? If so, do you plan on downloading Apple Music?

  • Xee

    If there is a review/rating section on the Google Play store it will be zero…

    • What proves haters’ idiocy. Compared to Spotify, which has been around for years, Apple Music is very, very good even with its problems.

      • TechnoBuff

        There you go with the same ignorance. you are echoing his stupid statement as facts

      • They aren’t facts, they are a personal experience over a tested trial. I don’t go messing around with anyone giving a personal opinion like it is what it is, but based on my usage. Also, I don’t hate Spotify because I like Apple Music, one just suits me better, and there is no problem on arguing with points to discuss.

      • TechnoBuff

        He stated something stupid with regards to Apple Music that was just released today and you seconded it as fact.
        Your personal experience with your trial has no relationship to Apple Music, which is not on the same scale. People are just ignorant atimes and think everyone on Android hates Apple.

      • Oh, smart guy, really? I think you should better read things. I was not criticizing his point, I was complementing it.

      • TechnoBuff

        You misread mine actually and you still kept on missing the point.
        You complemented his stupid statement about Apple Music on Android that has no basis as fact.

      • Oh Gawd. I was stating about the same people that ranked other apps from Apple on the Google Play store because they were only hating. Is it clear now?

      • TechnoBuff

        LOL, You are still missing the point, you seconded his statement as fact, Apple has only one app in the google play store and because it was rated badly does not mean Apple Music will. stats from one app does not make it a fact.
        Anyway, moving on ……………………….

      • Apple now has 3 apps on the Play Store, man.

      • George

        Apple has been the king and they came out with the worst streaming service ever.

      • I agree. Like I said, comparing to years of Spotify, Apple Music is amazing for its first months. Can’t guarantee it will keep good, get better or worse with time, but we gotta feel it.

    • Tommy Gumbs

      All three of your sound stupid. I have a feeling all three of you will miss interpret my statement.

  • Joostiphone

    I’m using a Samsung Galaxy S4 for work. Now that my iPhone 6+ is getting fixed, I need to use the service on Android. To be honest, the Apple Music app works pretty decent! I can’t find downsides compared to Apple Music on iOS.

  • Aaron de Silva

    Am I the only one who thinks Apple has completely forgotten about ATV3? We don’t even have Apple Music on our Apple TVs!!!

    • TechnoBuff

      ATV3 wont get much support from Apple moving forward, the goal will be for you to buy the new ATV4.
      ATV3 will get occasional updates but nothing major anymore

      • Aaron de Silva

        Yea but they should at least support Apple Music at the very least?

  • TwinSon

    Apple has no Chill. Just dropped the App on the Google Play Store with the description: “Come thru, it’s lit”.

  • What

    I noticed there are so much unfair/bias reviews for Apple applications on Android. I have both platforms and tested Apple’s applications on Android and it works just fine. I feel like the fandroid community just really hates Apple and are willing to take the time to download the app and make a bias review.

    Wish they can understand that both platforms has its pros/cons and having choices is a good thing.

    • James G

      You don’t see that vitriol for Google apps on iOS.

      • George

        Because Google has actually good apps on the app store, apple didn’t even follow material design for their move to ios app.

      • > Because Google has actually good apps on the app store
        that is a huge lie. the youtube app is absolute trash on iOS. also to be fair, google didn’t follow the iOS design for their iOS apps.

      • George

        That’s not possible considering apple would not accept an app if it didn’t follow their design

      • have you used any google app on iOS?

      • George

        Yep and they all look like any other ios app

      • James G

        Googles apps were trash for awhile on iOS. Gmail was terrible for years. But you didn’t see people going straight to the App Store to trash Google in reviews because it was Google. That’s what’s happening in Play Store.

  • James G

    I wonder how this experiment will turn out for Apple.

  • SkyFall

    Well most reviews aren’t bad. Some give a low score but explain why they do so…and then theres this guy…: