Apple has released tvOS 9.0.1 for the new Apple TV. The update is available as an OTA update by going to Settings → System → Software Updates. The full update is also available as a 922 MB download from Apple.

tvOS 9.0.1 comes with build number 13T402, and any user currently running tvOS 9.0, which will be all users not running a beta, are recommended to update.

Apple TV 9.0.1 tvOS update

Details on the changes are unknown as of now, but the changes likely consist of bug fixes and stability improvements. If we find anything remarkable, we’ll be sure to update this post accordingly.

You can learn how to perform an OTA update on your Apple TV using our Apple TV update tutorial. Previous generations of the Apple TV have not received an update.

If you’d like to download the Apple TV tvOS 9.0.1 firmware manually and restore via iTunes, you can do so here. Keep in mind that you’ll need to purchase a USB Type-C cable to connect your Apple TV to your Mac in order to perform the restore via iTunes.

Have you updated, yet? If you find anything new, please drop us a line in the comments.

  • No info on what it entails?

  • ready1take1

    Bug fixes and performance updates

  • 919263

    What about the ATV3’s and lower??? WTF are people who bought those devices supposed to do? Like really…???

    • White Michael Jackson

      Im giving mine away.

      • Straightshoota

        I’ll take it! Thanks.

    • TechnoBuff

      Personally, i doubt if Apple will give them much attention anymore.
      ATV4 will be the focus of attention these days.

      • 919263

        But that’s not keeping with the Philosophy of Apple… till now all iPhone updates have been designed for iPhone going as far back as iPhone 4(s). this being only the 4th iTV device… that too coming after a long rut, and at a bigger price.. does not make any sense… but then Nothing Apple does makes much sense out of the Fanboy group…

      • TechnoBuff

        I am not saying Apple will not update the previous ATVs but i sense they wont get much attention anymore.
        The previous ATVs were not getting much updates to start with. so this new one will be focused on.

    • Ezilagel83

      Honestly, if you bought one in the last year, with all the rumors and announcements of a completely redesigned system around the corner, then you should have expected dwindling support for your device. If you’ve had one for a while you should also know you now have a dinosaur.
      I don’t see how ATV < v4 could possibly receive a similar update schedule as it's not even running the same OS as ATV 4. Like really…??

      • TechnoBuff

        The fact that they aren’t running the same OS makes the likelihood of a major update for ATV3 or previous ones quite remote or less.

      • 919263

        Hmm.. So based on rumors one should not buy the latest and greatest that is available on that day ? Hopefully you did not buy any iPhones in the resent past, coz the rumor has it that iPhone10 is going to be the bomb!!!

      • Ezilagel83

        You bought a system originally released almost 3 years ago. (January
        28, 2013). I’m sure you will receive the occasional security/store/stability
        updates.. but it sounds like you are expecting it to suddenly turn into
        an ATV4. You own a 3 year old device. Your expectations need to be a bit lower.

      • A 3 year old device that Apple is still selling. Apple still sells the iPad 2 and they still support it. If Apple is still selling older Apple TV devices then they should continue to update their software and back port some of the new Apple TV 4 features.

      • Ezilagel83

        No one said they are not releasing updates. I’m sure people will continue to get security/store/stability updates for a while.

        Backport features from a brand new OS to a older one.. very unlikely other than movie/tv store compatibility. I don’t see any iPad 2 for sale on their site. Even checked the refurbished section. Anyways, this is just a waste of time replying. ATV4 has 75% more RAM than a ATV3 and running a brand new OS. Has a much newer processor that was designed for features like siri. Just get over it. Done here.

      • TechnoBuff

        You are spot on..
        There wont be much updates for ATV3 apart from the occasional security updates or bug fixes… i doubt even if there will be any UI refresh apart from new channels being added.
        There isnt much room for massive updates due to the OS,HD and RAM limitations on ATV3.
        It will be wishful thinking to expect anything major.

      • I don’t see any iPad 2 for sale on their site.

        Perhaps they stopped? Up until recently they were still selling them. Anyway my point still stands if Apple is still selling the old Apple TV they should still be updating it. The least they could do is update it with Apple Music and add an AppStore. They could leave the Siri stuff and everything else for the new Apple TV.

      • TechnoBuff

        App store on ATV3?????
        Then there wont be any reason to buy ATV4 at all….
        That is wishful thinking to expect app store on ATV3.
        i think the best anyone can get on ATV3 now will be bug fixes and maybe the addition of new channels including Apple music. that it….

      • Perhaps it is wishful thinking but it’d be a small addition that would greatly improve the usefulness of older Apple TV devices. Yes there’s limitations as to what can be done with the hardware but an AppStore would allow for watered down apps and should you want the real deal you could buy the new Apple TV. Anyhow I’m going to shut up now since I’m aware that I presumably sound really ‘butt hurt’ when in reality I don’t care 😉

        I’m using an Amazon Fire TV stick and contemplating buying the new Amazon Fire TV. The Apple TV 4 is too little too late for me.

      • Rowan09

        I own the Amazon Fire TV 2 and it’s just like the fire tv 1 with a sd card. I love my fire tv and fire stick but the streaming quality sucks when compared to the ATV3 and the 4. As soon as you can get Kodi on the ATV 4 there’s no reason to get the fire tv especially since it’s still crippled by 5GB of usable space. The SD card helps but load times is horrible and not everything can be played from the sd card.

      • Streaming quality largely depends upon how fast your Internet and local network is.

      • Rowan09

        I have 50/50 and I’m watching Hunget Games on Prime and the quality sucks. Don’t get me wrong I love my fire tv, it’s the best on the market right now, way better than that joke of a release the Nexus player which I also owned and gave away.

      • They could at least put the damn Apple Music on it. That’s the only reason I upgraded to the 4. Going to sell my old unit now cause I can’t access my music on it.

      • Ezilagel83

        I agree. Music would be a fair request.

      • Rowan09

        What space is available for downloading apps with the ATV3?

      • However much RAM is in the device. Stream all apps from the Internet into RAM and have no permanent storage.

      • Rowan09

        That’s too much, it’s easier to upgrade. Your also asking developers or Apple to have apps on the cloud and who’s paying for such a service? The ATV 3 is a old device way over due for an upgrade, typical IOS devices have basic requirements to get an IOS 9 update on a 4S but the ATV 3 doesn’t have those basic requirements for TVOS.

      • 919263

        I bought a system that was current, it could be a 1000 yrs old, but that was the latest at that time… I think you are missing the point. Android is fragmented and a joke IMO because one device which may be the latest and the greatest today might never get an update, or features officially, and that is why inspite of volume, it still has lower ratings as an OS.

      • George

        Lol as if normal people have Google alerts about apple rumors.

    • jaws

      Dude, I’m still waiting on my updates to my iPhone 3g… Like really????

      PS. Updating my APTV4 now. 🙂

  • Would love to see a much improved Siri search as well as dictation but I’ll believe it when I see it

  • TBagsUaL0t

    About time… lol

  • Kenneth Delgado

    Remote app support?

    • George

      They said they are not updating it

  • James G

    Still no Remote support.

  • Older TVs have basically been reduced to iPod Classic/nano/shuffle status – will probably receive little to zero updates from here on in and are now frozen in time.
    Time to upgrade.

  • nirmitlamed

    what about apple tv 3? does it support tvos 9?