Jailbreak tweaks of the week

Like every Sunday, we bring the newest jailbreak tweaks directly to you so you don’t have to spend time scrolling down Cydia looking for what’s new. Everything’s here in one convenient list for you to peruse.

This week wasn’t very eventful on the jailbreak tweaks front, with a number of releases that definitely won’t shake the community. Still, we’re grateful for all these developers pushing new tweaks and allowing us to do much more with our iPhones than Apple intends us to.

Aeternum Hives: a SpringBoard replacement inspired by Apple Watch ($2.99 – review)

BreadCrumbArrow: removes breadcrumbs text in the Status Bar (free – review)

Bytafont 3: lets you apply custom fonts on your device (free)

Dog Adoption: this unusual jailbreak app lets you find a dog to adopt (free)

Dog breeds: a weird app to find on Cydia (free)

FakeStep: lets you fake steps and walking+running data stored in Health app ($4.99)

iMAllFile9: send any file via iMessage ($0.99)

InfinityTask: let’s you remove backgrounding restrictions ($2.49)

iPipOS: brings a few features from Pip-Boy to iOS (free)

MediaDownloader: allows you to download and save files online (free)

miWeather 9 Cydget: a vertical weather widget for the Lock screen ($2.99)

Parallel: displays both Zawgyi and Unicode (free)

Recents 2: shows your call history in Notification Center (free)

TWBenhancer9: a suite of tweaks for Tweetbot 4 ($2.49)

WeatherBoard 2: brings animated weather to the Lock screen ($2.49)

iDeviceWalls: a selection of wallpapers for iPhone (free)

JiggleMode: an Activator action that puts your icons in wiggle mode (free)

LockBeam: lets you turn on flashlight by using tap gestures on the Lock screen (free)

No Voice Recording for Messages: the name says it all (free)

SB3DtouchMenu: offers shortcuts on the SpringBoard via 3D Touch (free)

Shortcutix: lets you customize the appearance of 3D Touch shortcut menus ($1.30)

Sleipnizer for Safari: invoke browser actions with gestures ($1.99)

Slide2Kill 9: slide cards in the App Switcher to force quit apps ($0.99)

SystemSoundDisabler: lets you disable a bunch of system sounds (free)

Waze+: enables AutoPassenger mode in Waze (free)

My picks of the week are: BreadCrumbArrow, LockBeam, and Aeternum Hives. What are yours?

  • Frizzle

    Sleipnizer Is not free

  • MrJohnBlaze

    I’m Surprised Springtomize for ios 9 is not on there

    • Chang in Charge

      Not out yet

      • MrJohnBlaze

        ive been using it for 2 days u must be on the wrong repo

      • Bendy

        Exactly I bought the original but the latched one works so….. I am mad that iDownloadblog won’t acknowledge it.

      • Hold on, are you mad we won’t acknowledge a pirated version of a tweak? Now I am mad.

      • Lucus Bendzsa

        You have a Good point Sebastien, but I payed for the tweak and now want to use my modified version that works. It the developer won’t fix it then let someone else. I consider this “tweaking not pirating. That’s just me though.

      • Julio Montes

        But the developer is working on it, he is fixing it.

  • Chang in Charge

    HideMeX should be on here

  • mahe

    Recents 2 is not free, it has a 3 days trial

  • Morgan Freeman

    I wish I could have stayed jailbroken on 9.0.2 on my iPad mini… Pangu for Mac broke the data altogether. Cell and wifi both showed good signal- NOTHING would work.. very frustrating. Could not disable find my iPad without data, was forced to upgrade to 9.1 because by that time 9.0.2 was not being signed. Only had a one day window since release of Pangu for Mac and Apple stopping signing.. 🙁

  • DanielMaciasJr

    Does anyone know if there is a tweak that removes the space between the status bar and the date?. Moving the date and notifications all the way up.

    • (JailbreakQA) King Shoot


  • Feivl

    I really had some fun with “Traverse”!

  • Tyler Smith

    you could use priority hub to move them up

    • DanielMaciasJr

      Thank you!. Worked perfectly.

  • totallymichael

    I just bought IMALLFile9 and cannot figure it out for the life of me. There’s no attach icon in iMessage and there’s no IMALLFile9 settings in the settings section. Anybody got a fix?